Hillary Clinton Talks About Russian Interference In Our Elections

Our Beloved Lady Of NAFTA – Hillary H1-b Clinton is all upset with Russia. Blaming them for trying to interfere with our elections. Yes, how dare they? That is why we have corporations! Only they have the right to interfere in our elections so that we can play “make believe democracy inside the corporate sandbox of the donor class!” 

Hilary Clinton wants to “wave the flag” so as to distract our attention from the fact that:

Don’t Let Obama Infect You With His Marathon Celebration Of The Testosterone Free Political Lifestyle

That is why we are plagued with Donald Trump.

Americans will vote against their self-interest but NEVER against their own SELF-CONCEPT! We see ourselves as ACTION FIGURES, not WIMPS!

While I will vote Green, Trump at least is against TPP and in his latest book even talks about income inequality.

I fear Bernie Sanders may have been a victim of Obama Trickle Down Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome! I say that because our dear sweet Debbie Wasserman – Schultz, the PAYDAY LOAN QUEEN, was pushed off the DNC while Obama and Clinton praised her.

Please, Bernie Sanders, don’t become a certified wimp like Obama. Don’t look the other way. The primary election was STOLEN. Furthermore, Hillary Clinton will not support an anti-TPP plank in the Democratic Party 2016 platform. The debate schedule was rigged. Hillary Clinton and her buddies tried to interfere with the elections. The Russians and Wikileaks merely exposed it.


Don’t vote out of fear in 2016 else you will be doing the same in 2020. Vote for Progressive Idesas – VOTE GREEN! Enough is enough! 

I urge Senator Sanders to take up Jill Stein on her offer to allow Bernie Sanders to run for president on the Green Party ticket. None the less I will vote GREEN in this election! I am fed up! To vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump is to throw away my vote!


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