Hillary Clinton Wins Poll Of Millionaires But Liberals Want Warren

Well now “Our Beloved Lady of NAFTA”, Hillary Clinton was the choice for President in 2016 by millionaires. She beat out Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush and Chris Christie. But how can this be you ask? Well the reason is, I am sure, because Barrack Obama cannot run in 2016!

I am sick of Democrats playing “make believe liberal” inside the corporate sandbox of the donor class.

We on the left are paying our “karma” for choosing “symbol” over “substance”.  And i actually voted for Barrack Obama in 2008 reasoning “how in the world could a Black guy ever betray his progressive base?”. Suprise suprise. I voted Green in 2012 and this year. Are we Democrats going to repeat the mistake and chose symbol over substance with Hillary Clinton because she is a woman? Like Barrack Obama Hillary Clinton has no problem with TPP. I don’t want NAFTA on steroids. I will admit though that even Hillary Clinton would have been better than Barrack Obama because on those issues where she is on the left, she would take to the bully pulpit. Unlike Barrack Obama who has a passion for not fighting back against the GOP.

But don’t we Democrats want someone to continue the work of FDR and push for a “Second Bill of Rights?”.

Millionaires think Hillary Clinton is just peechy keen.

See the video below.




Why not go for Elizabeth Warren?

I would vote for Elizabeth Warren gladly. But sometimes I wonder if she is just afraid of competing with Hillary Clinton.

But then we have that other candidate who is a progressive. So much so he is not officially a Democrat.

Who am I talking about?

  • This person is not young like Obama.
  • This person is not Black like Obama but Oh my Gaawwd he is White.
  • This person is a man. (Mother Goddess help us)
  • He is NOT a registered Democrat but an openly avowed Socialist! 🙂

ANSWER: Senator Bernie Sanders.

Senator Bernie Sanders is openly talking about making a run and perhaps as a third party candidate.

I will not vote for Hillary Clinton unless she openly renounces free trade, NAFTA, TPP and H1-b. If she wins the Democratic Party nomination and does not come across as a firebreathing Progressive I will vote Green in 2016.


Liberals do not want Hillary Clinton but prefer Elizabeth Warren


I would love for Elizabeth Warren to run. But she is hesitating. I do not want Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders to compete with each other. If they both want to run I hope they will meet and decide who has the better chance of winning. I also believe we are past the time when Democrats have to all hold hands after the Convention and back the winner. I believe we MUST back only a Progressive.

I mean that even if:

  1. We have to vote third party.
  2. It means the election of a Republican.

Progressives need to be as assertive as the Tea Party. No more allowing corporate interests to tame the Democratic Party.