Hillary Clinton’s Final Primary Speech – Dog Whistles To The 1 Percent

Hillary Clinton gave a strong speech but I heard some dog whistles to the 1 percent. Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have both opposed the TPP. Hillary Clinton just discovered it despite the fact she was part of it as Secretary of State. Make no mistake about it I don’t like the way Trump insults minorities and acts like a bully.

Donald Trump deserves criticism. I could not vote for him because of his racist remarks.

But what scared me is that Hillary Clinton added a criticism that he is trying to restore an American economy that is NOT COMMING BACK! – WOW! Those are the exact words that Barrack Obama used a year ago on the Chris Matthews Show on MSNBC.

Hillary Clinton Cannot Say The Word “Tariff”!

Her speech contained a DOG WHISTLE TO THE 1%! “You can continue to off shore more American jobs, and we will not impose a Tariff to fight you.” Instead, she will push for some help for a college education while at the same time undermining the careers of American college students. Hillary Clinton supports bringing over H1-b Visa workers from India to work as high tech slave workers. But Hillary Clinton gets the money from Silicon Valley and that is all she cares about.

Meanwhile, American high-tech workers have been forced to train their foreign replacements. I guess that is what Hillary Clinton calls “change we can believe in”! Stop closing your eyes to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama betraying the Progressive cause. They both got large sums of money from Goldman Sachs. See the links below:

  1. Barack Obama and Goldman Sachs
  2. Hillary Clinton and Goldman Sachs.

Below is how a REAL Democrat reacts to corporations.

Let’s All Play “Make Believe Progressive” And Believe Hillary Clinton Is Not A Corporate Shrill

Hillary Clinton cannot say the word “Tariff.” Like Barrack Obama, she advocates “Change Corporations Can Live With.”  Sure she is more progressive than Trump.

But is the price I have to pay for my fear of Trump the support of a Democratic Party where the DNC Chairperson, Debbie Wasserman – Schultz is a supporter of PAY DAY LOAN SHARKS? 

I still want Hillary Clinton to reveal her Goldman Sachs speech transcripts. What does she have to hide?

I WILL NOT CLOSE MY EYES AND LOOK THE OTHER WAY! I did that in 2008 when I voted for Barack Obama. If you read this blog you know I cannot stand that impotent wimp! He made the Democratic Party lose first the House then the Senate.

All because President Obama refused to use the bully pulpit and push for a strong stimulus. Instead, the wimp advocated kinder austerity! He even wanted to have a “GRAND COMPROMISE” with the Republicans! Austerity is not what real Democrats stand for!

Obama and his marathon celebration of the testosterone free political lifestyle made the Democratic Party lose first the House then the Senate.

Now we are asked to close our eyes to the likes of Hillary Clinton. We are to get all excited and defend our poor beloved lady of NAFTA against Trump.

I refuse to close my consciousness to the fact that most in the Democratic Party have become corporate sellouts.

GO BERNIE GO! We must have the same testosterone as the Tea Party. Only our cause is for Social Democracy, not austerity and aristocracy!

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