Hooray Obama Won: But Did Progressives?

As I mentioned in my last post I am PROUD that I did NOT vote for Obama but instead for Dr. Jill Stein the Green Party presidential candidate.

Wow Obama won! Mark my words when Barrack Obama goes on his “apology tour to the Tea Party” and attempts to create a “grand compromise” that will undermine everything that President Franklin Delano Roosevelt worked for.

Obama does not need to reach across the aisle to Republicans he needs to act as a leader and use the presidential bully pulpit by going over the heads of Congress.

Barrack Obama needs to:

  • reach across to individual citizens who are Republican and independents to sell them the Progressive agenda.
  • educate them on Keynesian economics and monetary velocity.
  • the hard earned “lessons of history” that the great depression taught us.
  • sell the idea that the word “free” in the term “free market” does not always trickle down to being their “freedom”.
  • value the income that comes from a paycheck over the income that comes from a dividend check!
  • push for a REAL STIMULUS rather than the testosterone challenged one that he gave us and which has given mediocre results.

I am going to challenge you if you are an OBAMA-BOT to stay awake for just a few minutes and read the rest of this article.

You have a choice to make:

Barrack Obama OR “Change We Can Believe In”. Watch the short video address from FDR below!

FDR not only worked for Social Security and government involvement to end the depression by using a REAL STIMULUS to the economy but held an even more idealistic program that his death cut short.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt pushed for a “Second Bill of Rights” that the corporate news media would have you forget.

If you watch the short video above FRD lists his plan. This is a plan that would bring about “individual freedom” as opposed to subservience to the corporate collectivists! FDR quoted an English judge who said:

“Necessitous men are not free men!”

When we have high unemployment we have a nation of necessitous men and women! However Republicans have a different interpretation of a nation of necessitous men and woman with no or little work and no leisure time.

Republicans call this not a nation of necessitous men and women but instead a “business friendly environment“!

In this era of Walmart where the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS ship our jobs, technology and future to America’s potential enemy China. Yet they sing the “Globalization Internationale“!


Obama Is GOP Lite

Make no mistake about it both Obama and Bill Clinton have gotten into bed with the cut and run capitalists.

Obama has made a choice: He chose to value the appearance of moderation over the need for a REAL STIMULUS and a presidential public blitzkrieg to educate the American public on the need for a strong stimulus.

Now we have to fear he will go for a “grand compromise” that will undo the work of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. That is not the “change we can believe in” that I voted on in 2008.   See the video below.

Oh yes this is “change we can believe in“!

I at least will have the peace of mind that I did not vote for Barrack Obama but instead for the Green Party.

Obama must reach out to Republican citizens and attempt to convert them. After the failure of Bush the nation was ripe for real change and Barrack Obama just squandered away his opportunity. But I am afraid he has not learned his lesson and will try to practice “Dale Carnegie” while the Republicans practice “Andrew Carnegie”!

But what ever happens stop making excuses for Barrack Obama and for that matter Bill Clinton. Both practiced appeasement to GOP.

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