How Obama Can Break Out Of The Corporate Sandbox

As a liberal I am fed up with Obama and his appeasement of the Republicans and their fellow travelers in corporate America. But what upsets me even more is that my fellow Democrats are “playing liberal” inside the confines of the “Corporate Sandbox”. When are we to have “change we can believe in”? When we have 95% of the Congress? Don’t blame the Republicans because Obama, Reid and Pelosi are wimps! They are the cause!

Obama is IMPOTENT! He is impotent not on the basis simply of the weak reforms he has made but because he did not fight for “CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN”! If President Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi did not accomplish even one law but instead went on a daily TV campaign to break the corporate strangle hold on the American Middle Class by using the Presidential bully pulpit then I would judge him a success! He would be a success because at least he fought the good fight! But he did not and I will not lie for him!

The issue is simply this for President Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi:

Stop “playing progressive and liberal” inside the confines of the CORPORATE SAND BOX! We expect Republicans to take corporate money because they favor the elites. But when Democrats “play liberal” but  support the off shoring of American blue collar and white collar jobs while banks engage in the practice of usury there is no “Change We Can Believe In”!

Trying to scare the Democratic Base to support the Troika of Impotence, Obama, Reid and Pelosi so we can have six more years of pathetic wimps kissing the butts of Joe Lieberman or Ben Nelson is not “Change We Can Believe In”.

A Plan To Bring The Democratic Base Out In November!

  • A Constitutional Amendment that calls for the separation of Corporation and State!
  • Protect America with a strong Tariff.
  • Tax heavily corporations that off shore American Blue Collar and White collar Jobs. Yes high tech white collar jobs are leaving this nation and training blue collar workers for tech jobs means nothing if these jobs also are off shored to serve the interests of our social betters!
  • Bring this nation back to the golden era of Republican President Eisenhower when we had a 90% Progressive Income Tax!

Since campaigns require money every politician can start with a clean slate and nothing should be held against anyone for the money they took IF they will support the Constitutional Amendment to separate Corporation and State! This is important. We must take Democracy out of the sand box and put the corporations inside the sandbox. Any politician who signs on board must be forgiven their past. Both parties took money.

The way to achieve this is for Obama to state his contributions openly. Then attack any Republican who does not support the amendment. He can list their contributions and finally use that great rhetorical skills he has put aside. Naturally Republicans will then attack Democrats who take money and that is EXACTLY WHAT WE WANT THEM TO DO! I am a progressive first and a Democrat second. We want this whole house to implode on itself! Any Republican who willingly joins to support this amendment must be praised openly. This will result in a society where logic not money wins the day! Republicans can make a contribution to this new egalitarian society but corporations must be placed in the sandbox!

Individual CEO’s have every right to speak up but no more then the average citizen!

This will result in stiff opposition not simply from Republicans but almost every Democrat. Democrats generally do not take contributions to advance the corporate agenda directly but instead to confine their liberalism to the Corporate Defined Sandbox.

The sandbox imposed on Democrats was to never question the personal income generated by the so called “free market” to a small group of elites. While we don’t want to regulate how much each occupation gets compensated we must now bring out into the open that no one deserves to earn millions per year.

Organized money has cast a “MYTH” on American culture.

That myth is that their compensation is just and earned. We must tolerate some income disparity so as to encourage innovation! But it is the so called “free Market that must be contained within the sand box not democracy! We will NEVER have change we can believe in until progressives come out of the sandbox and corporations are put in the sandbox. No we don’t want to eliminate corporations! But we must make the market place subject to the Democratic Ideals of a free nation not the Government the subject of the corporations!

If you are Middle Class and have self respect then you must:

  1. Question why anyone should be earning more than the President of the United States. Again we don’t want to get into how much each occupation is compensated. A 90% progressive income tax will balance the effects of the market.
  2. Realize no one really deserves to earn more than three times the average citizen. We can tolerate this disparity but allow a 90% Progressive Income Tax to balance this disparity.

When it comes to the political decision making process of a democratic society “Corporations should be seen and not heard”! Corporate CEO’s should by all means be invited to give testimony before Congress in their areas of expertise. It is their “elocution, rhetoric and persuasiveness of argument that should sway Congress! It is their logic not their money that should impact the political processes of a democratic society!

I am so proud that my social betters believe that the American employee can compete with foreign slave labor. That’s why I want to return that faith in my social betters by allowing them to prosper with an Eisenhower era progressive income tax of 90%! It’s just our way of saying we have faith in our social betters as they have faith in us!

This November we must stand for “Change We Can Believe In”. If Obama is with us –  Great. But we can live without Obama! Consider each candidate if they were for the Progressive Agenda. If not then vote for a third party candidate. So what if the Republicans win the House.

Obama, Reid and Pelosi are reaping the results of being wimps! The issue now is are we Progressives wimps? I will not vote to support six more years of Obama kissing Joe Liebermann’s ass! That is not “Change We Can Believe In”! Yes I realize Obama is starting to come around but no where near enough! The Clinton’s helped off shore American jobs and thus Hillary Clinton is no replacement for Obama.

However Howard Dean and Senator Sanders are viable alternatives to Obama in 2012 if he cannot get his head out of Joe Leibermann and Ben Nelson’s ass!

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