Howard Dean And Denis Kucinich Point To Obama

The time is now coming when Democrats and Progressives are just getting tired of President Obama and his Audacity of Impotence! This is not the “Change We Can Believe In” that drew us to the polls! Recently on two separate Talk Shows both Howard Dean and Dennis Kucinich stated that Obama had better wake up and take the lead!

The issue is not that Obama did not get his legislative agenda passed! The issue is that President Barrack Obama has not used the Presidential power of the bully pulpit to restore Camelot and launch a day and night Holy War against the Republicans and their corporate minions! Listen to Howard Dean below.

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One commentator said “the Democrats where chastised and defeated after the recent election loss of the House”!

WRONG! The Democrats where defeated and acting chastised after wining a stunning victory in 2008! Under Obama they have never “recovered from their 2008 victory”!

Below Dennis Kucinich comes to the same conclusion that President Obama has got wake up and take the lead!

One commentator after another is getting tired of President Obama. This humble blogger has called for his removal in 2012. I actually enjoy seeing the Republicans kick his ass. What else can you do when you see a wimp like Obama never learning!

Instead of giving rousing speeches against the “economic royalists” of corporate America as FDR did we hear something different from President Obama!

What we hear is his pathetic use of the Presidential bully pulpit to give daily readings of Dale Carnegie’s book,  How To Win Friends And Influence People”! As I mentioned before in a prior post, the Republicans don’t read “Dale Carnegie” they read “Andrew Carnegie”! I don’t care what the results of the last election were! If Obama would go on the attack like FDR and talk about “economic royalists” and the need for a “Second Bill Of Rights” then the victory would be ours!

Obama and his fellow masochists don’t seem to realize a very important lesson of psychology!

Americans in their feelings of learned helplessness in the face of globalization and the growing income gap will vote against their own class interest if the Republicans present themselves as “ACTION FIGURES”! Even if that action gives tax cuts to the rich!

Americans HATE WIMPS! Go read your Dale Carnegie Mr. President but don’t take the dream of Camelot down with you and “Change We Can Believe In”! The worst thing a progressive can do is support this wimp Obama as he will make the young share his AUDACITY OF IMPOTENCE!

Progressive organizations must FEED THE RAGE at these effete snobs of privilege! These tax cuts for the rich could be the Republican Waterloo!


Senator Bernie Sanders For President and Howard Dean for Vice President!

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