Howard Dean For White House Chief Of Staff

President Obama  needs some better advice. How about Howard Dean as the new White House Chief of Staff? President Obama seems to be doing some White House cleaning. His economic team is changing and none to soon. I could not agree more with the woman who addressed President Obama at a recent town hall meeting.

Every liberal and progressive is getting tired and exhausted of defending President Obama! The stimulus package is far to weak. Even with the money he wants to add to it, AIG got more then infrastructure repair. Obama’s arguments are two fold:

  1. His program saved the nation from worse and it was Bush’s fault. Fine then why didn’t he and the Democrats launch endless hearings into how Bush got us into that vast Right Wing Social Engineering Experiment in Iraq! Why is Obama adverse to red meat for his base? The Republicans will launch hearings if they take the House. We could have aroused the nation for real social change. You know “Change We Can Believe In”!
  2. It takes time for a stimulus package to work it’s way through the economy! Yes that is true a REAL stimulus package would still would take time but we don’t even have that! Again Obama doesn’t smell red meat. This is a great opportunity to rouse the masses to end the class warfare that has been waged against the Middle Class by our social betters!

Below anObama supporter speaks for every one of us on the progressive left.

Her words cut right to the heart of the matter. This is not “Change We Can Believe In” and President Obama has not used his great rhetorical skills that the conservatives so feared. According to conservatives Obama is a double threat. He has radical aims and he has the modus operandi to achieve it via his great rhetorical skills.

By now, if we are to believe the Tea Party crowd, we should be living in our new and ever glorious Socialist Motherland! Oh yes a unique Socialist Motherland that has Sharia Muslim Law! Well I don’t see either though I admit I might be partial to a democratic version of the first!

Howard Dean Perfect For White House Chief Of Staff

President Obama has used and analogy in recent speeches about driving a car. He states that he and the Democrats have placed the gear into “D” for “Drive” while the Republicans want to put the gear in “R” for “Reverse”.

Mr President I offer some humble advice to add to your analogy! My Democratic Progressive Talking Point!

Mr. President – Get your fucking foot off the brake and hit the God damn gas!

PEDAL TO THE MEDAL! Oh yes and turn that wheel sharply left!

We the Progressive base have had enough of this bipartisan kom by yah! Let’s have some “class”! CLASS WARFARE that is. We need a strong tariff and a constitutional amendment to strip corporations from influencing our elections. Corporations should be seen and not heard!

President Obama before the election said that all the other candidates arguments were reminiscent of discussions in college dorm rooms of the late 1960’s. Well this old hippie was part of those dorm chats Mr. President and we know something you are just learning!

Republicans mock intellectual discussion! They present argumentation as that of weaklings! Obama is  being labeled as impotent by them and he is playing right into their game! That is why President Obama needs the energy of Howard Dean.

The news media did a job on Howard Dean all because he gave a rousing scream to motivate his base. See the video below

This is from Fox. They are not the ones I am accusing of smearing Howard Dean. It was the entire so called liberal news media in general. The news media practiced anti-liberal news media biases! What did Howard Dean do in the clip above that was so awful? Well maybe Obama could use a little energy from his base now! But he will need more than a scream at this point. He needs to attack corporations and the unfair balance of income in this nation to the top 1%.

The Democrats need to put the corporations in the children’s sandbox or the corporations are going to put our democracy in their global internationale sandbox. We need a screamer not a meow!

We need Howard Dean as White House Chief Of Staff!

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