IDIOT ALERT: This Wednesday A Black Man Wants To Talk To Your Kids

Oh my God pull the kids from school! It’s worse than the swine flu! It’s the “PINK FLU” and it’s coming to your child’s school this Wednesday when President Barrack Hussein Obama will give a pep talk to our nation’s school children! The Obama school speech will turn little Johny into a raving tofu eating, latte drinking leftie!  Hey when I was a teenager I was afraid the President was going to communicate with me also! Yes that’s right! I was afraid of a letter from the President saying “Greetings from the President of the United States…”. But then Rush Limbaugh and George Bush Jr. didn’t have to worry about that letter now did they!

QUESTION: When are these idiots going to realize that Barrack “Hussein” Obama is the legitimately elected President of the United States?

ANSWER: The day after we Democrats start to realize we don’t need these idiot Republicans to govern this nation! The hell with bipartisanship! We have control of the Presidency, the House of Representatives and the Senate! When Massachusetts sends a replacement for recently deceased Senator Kennedy we will again have 60 Senators. For God’s sake when are we going to undo not only the Bush tax cuts but also the Reagan Tax Cuts?

I don’t know who are the bigger idiots! The Republicans with their mad conspiracy theories from birthers to death panels or the testosterone deficient Democratic Party leadership for not moving to smash these effete snobs of privilege. There are real “Death Panels” in America and they come in the form of Health Insurance Companies interfering with the doctor – patient relationship. (See Video Below).

Nancy Pelosi seems to be waking up. Well it is about time! It has been over two years since we have had control of the Congress and too bad Nancy Pelosi could not do with her majority what the Republicans have done with their minority! Why has the War in Iraq continued this long when we could have stopped the funding? The Republicans have no shame when it comes to pushing their agenda. Yet Barrack Obama and the Democratic Party leadership don’t seem to get it!

The best defense is an offense. Release Vice President Biden on them. He has the pit bull guts to tell it like it is. This is CLASS WARFARE! No I am not against millionaires – I want to be one myself some day! But the Republicans have been waging class warfare against the middle class for to long. It is time that we challenge certain fundamental assumptions. Why shouldn’t we use a more aggressive “progressive income tax” to correct the skewed compensation landscape!

While we don’t want to kill motivation to innovate why should a corporate executive make millions per year while the President of the United States, who has far more responsibility, earns a mere $400k? Hey it isn’t like the upper 2% actually earned their wealth! Not when they are being compensated at ratios way out of proportion to my college graduate’s salary! We Democrats have to use “GREED” as a motivation mechanism. Heck the Republicans have no problem with this! Time to get some testosterone!

If we don’t want to repay the descendants of Black slaves for their labor and consider that their hours of past work do not merit rewards years latter to their descendants why does the Middle Class allow the descendants of millionaires to receive the rewards of robber barons of the past? No I am not against even millionaires passing on some of their wealth. But there has to be a balance!

If the Republicans want to be obstinate then we Democrats must push Class Warfare in the political arena! Besides I am tired of Corporations taxing me in the form of higher costs and lower services to pay for their K-Street operatives! It is bad enough their leadership has unearned deeper pockets then me but why should they stick their hands in my wallet to fund their political agendas? Their pockets are deep enough to keep them out of mine!

Time for the Middle Class to stand up! Please Mr. President and Democrat members of Congress get some testosterone! The right wing nut job’s reaction to the Obama school speech has to be a wake up call.