Imagine If John Boehner Were A Democrat And Pelosi A Republican?

John Boehner is ready again to shut down the Government if the GOP does not get it’s way on the national debt. Now here is a fantasy of mine! Imagine if John Boehner was a Democrat and Nancy Pelosi was a Republican! Let’s remember that Nancy Pelosi was Speaker of the House two years before Barrack Obama became president. For two long years we continued to pile up body bags in Iraq and a mounting debt crisis because of George Bush and his vast right wing social engineering experiment in Iraq!

Well if John Boehner had been a Democrat and was in Nancy Pelosi’s shoes in 2006, then the Iraq War would have been over! You have to admire the man’s guts! He is not afraid to use the contitutionally mandated “power of the purse” to pursue his agenda. Nancy Pelosi had the opportunity to end the war before Obama even became president. But she refused to use the “power of the purse”.

Maybe the solution for Democrats is to lock Barrack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid into a “Tanning Salon Chamber” till they come out lobster red!

Instead this “Troika of Impotence” went on and on making apologies for winning the 2008 elections!

“Oh dear we would not want to use the power of the purse to end the war in Iraq in 2006. That would be to dangerous”! Can you hear the pathetic “meow…Meow…MEOW”!

Democrats Lack Testosterone!


I am a Progressive Social Democrat! Let’s be quite frank! Democrats are the biggest pussy cats going! Just look at our President! I have no respect for this wimp. Nancy Pelosi is also a wimp! Really you got to admire John Boehner! I really wish we could convert him to be a liberal Democrat! This guy is willing to bring the whole nation to a stand still while he has a temper tantrum! See the video below. Reload page if not fully visible.

Why don’t so – called Democrats like Barrack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have the drive that John Boehner has? Instead of advancing the agenda of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt who wanted a “Second Bill Of Rights” that would make us like Euro-Social Democrats we instead have the “Charge of the Castrati Brigade”… Obama, Pelosi and Reid.

Oh boy I just cannot wait till Barrack Obama wins re-election! Then we can cut Social Security, Medicare and defecate on the grave of President Franklin Delano Rooswevelt! All the time patting ourselves on the back about “how brave we are to make the hard choices this nation needs”.

My question to you dear reader is this. Are Barrack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid:

  1. Corporate shrills who play make believe progressive inside the corporate sandbox? Or
  2. Are they just the biggest bunch of PATHETIC WIMPS imaginable?

I actually enjoy when Republicans kick Obama around. The wimp deserves it!

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