Is Obama Finally Getting Testosterone?

I would love to believe that President Obama is finally learning that you cannot negotiate with idiots. I am finally starting to see some glimmer of hope from Barrack Obama that maybe he has learned that his usage of Dale Carnegie’s “How To Win Friends and Influence People” is not going to help him with the GOP. The Republicans don’t idolize “Dale” Carnegie but “Andrew” Carnegie who was a robber Barron!

The crucial issue is Barrack Obama. As I have said countless times in this site, Americans want “ACTION FIGURES” even if the “action” is destructive to their class interests. (Oh my God I said “Class Interests”). President Obama must realize that kissing GOP ass is not what Americans consider to be their role model of an “Action Figure”. Perhaps Obama has learned.

Chris Matthews has even stated that Obama may be attempting to split the GOP. I do admit that I am seeing signs of life from Barrack Obama that I have never seen in his four years of the presidency!


Could Democrats Regain Control Of Both Houses Of Congress?

As a Progressive that is a tempting scenario for 2014. But then again we are talking about Democrats who love to play “make believe liberal” in the corporate sandbox of their monied donors!

I have been inactive for the past month as I just purchased a new Windows 8 computer and had to not only transfer my junk from the old to the new but learn a new operating system. Windows 8 is a big change from the past. Is Barrack Obama finally learning a “new operating system“?

Could Barrack Obama now “finally” be learning that he should have:

  1. Stood up to the Tea Party
  2. Used his position as President to wage war against the GOP by the useage of the bully pulpit!
  3. The issue is economic security and the income gap rather than the deficit.

Well Obama has made some progress. BUT:

  1. He needs to stop  accommodating his sense of the middle but instead to push the middle to the left! 
  2. Rally the nation to have real campaign reform and demand a constitutional amendment to separate corporation from state.
  3. not allow the Tea Party to “define” the national agenda or even the questions. That is what a president does by his usage of the bully pulpit.
  4. He sounded as if Social Security was on the table. The issue should be not only the repeal of the Bush Tax Cuts but should we go further and remove the Reagan Tax Cuts AND the Kennedy Tax Cuts!
  5. Obama must define a set of values that places the income from a “paycheck” over the grandiose sense of “entitlement” that comes from an unearned income from a “dividend check”!
  6. Obama needs to call for a higher “capital gains tax” rather than a “longevity  gains tax“. The latter is what extending the Social Security retirement age constitutes. A “Life Extension Gains Tax”!

Yes I have seen some testosterone in Obama this year. But I still fear Barrack Obama will instead turn to “celebrate his inner wimp”. Time will tell but he has made progress and for that I will salute him!

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