Is Obama Possessed By A “Sissy Meme”?

Barrack Obama had the chance to confront Mitt Romney and his flip flops.

Instead Barrack Obama continued as the embodiment of the “sissy meme” by celebrating the testosterone free advocacy style.

As a Progressive Democrat I found a particular statement by President Obama to be very offensive and I don’t believe any one in the news media touched on it.

Yes all the pundits focused on how Barrack Obama was detached and non-aggressive. They mentioned that Obama could have spoken about Romney’s Cayman Island tax shelter and his many flip flops. The video below is a great example of Mitt Romney’s flip flops that you can show your conservative friends.



But beyond Romney’s flip flops is the fact that ABC NEWS showed a photograph of Mitt Romney holding a meeting for donors on his yacht that flew the Cayman Island flag!  Wow and they call Barrack Obama a foreigner! You would think Obama would mention this disparity?

With all this in mind here is what I really found disturbing about where Barrack Obama made the choice to focus his meager confrontational energy.

Barrack Obama did talk about economic patriotism but I believe President Obama should have called Mitt Romney a “CUT AND RUN CAPITALIST” for having donors over to his yacht while flying the Cayman Island flag.

Also President Obama should have attacked Romney more for his connection with Bain that off shored  American jobs. Romney profited from this practice. Bain allowed Romney to live without a job from dividend check to dividend check on the pain of others that he now wants to champion!

Instead Barrack Obama bragged he had a quality that Mitt Romney did not!

What was that quality you ask dear reader?

Barrack Obama said he could stand up to the “extreme wing of his party” but Mitt Romney could not stand up to the extreme wing of his party!

Obama And His Devotion To The “Sissy Meme”

Are we progressives so “extreme” because we want to pursue the dream of FDR for an economic second bill of rights? Barrack Obama values using us progressives as a sacrificial offering to the “Sissy Meme” that has infected him. Yes those of us who were the shock troops for his prior election.

The meme is spreading via Obama to young people. Some have broken free by going outside of the two party system to the Occupy Wall Street Movement. But others have become infected with the meme via apathy.

It is better to march with Occupy, vote third party or write in than not to vote at all! Doing so demonstrates that you are free of the sissy meme because you are NOT apathetic.

I wish I could say the same for President Obama!

Just look at  the testosterone free politics he pursued in the face of rabid Republican attacks on the very foundation of the New Deal and Obama’s own “change we can believe in”!

I am not trying to hurt President Obama but hopefully we can wake him up from his almost four years of meme perpetuation! His behavior could make our young idealistic voters give up.

Yes indeed it could be a “sissy meme” that is using Barrack Obama to practice “schema maintenance” on the Democratic Party! Make no mistake about it the Republicans love it.

Sure I realize Obama is honest underneath. Furthermore Goldman Sachs is not supporting him as they did in 2008 which makes me like Obama more. But President Obama has got to break free of his notion of using psychologist Carl Rogers “Person Centered Approach” to management.

We do not need a “facilitator” but a president who will use the bully pulpit. Especially in this era of corporate persons funding super-pacs.

I will not list in this post Obama’s myriad examples of the celebration of the testosterone free life style but you can check this site and find many examples. Oh hell I cannot resist just a few more:

  1. Why is the word “stimulus” a bad word in today’s political lexicon?
  2. How did the issue change from making the system work for all Americans to “how best to balance the budget”?
  3. Remember Wisconsin? What type of support did he give the unions? Wow he sent a last minute “tweet”!

The “sissy meme” infection of the Democratic Party cost us the House in 2010. Americans like “action figures”. That is why if they don’t see a viable Progressive alternative they will “identify” with the 1% and practice:


Check the post link above. The results could be fatal to our way of life and democracy!

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