So What The Individual Mandate Uses A Tax

Once again the Republicans are up to their old tricks and trying to “spin” the individual mandate ruling by the Supreme Court  to serve their political ends. The problem with all the political pundits is that the presumptions of the entire discussion are more involved.

Taxes are not simply to raise revenue but a means to shape behavior, both corporate and individual. Taxes can serve as “contingencies of reinforcement” in the B.F. Skinner style.

Now here is a wild idea that we Democrats have forgotten!

It is the function of the political institutions of a free society to use  taxes as “contingencies of reinforcement” to shape the behavior of the corporate beast rather than corporations setting the contingencies of reinforcement via “political contributions” to shape the behavior of the political institutions of a democratic society!

Taxes Can Be Penalties To Shape “Avoidance Behavior”

My constant argument with Obama and the Democrats is that they are barely fighting and when they do they do so under Republican terms. A general does not simply deploy his troops but chooses the best terrain for the battle. And here is where we have the problem:

President Obama is playing Rogerian therapist when he should be playing “pontifex maximus” of the nation! Dr. Carl Rogers’ form of therapy was extended into management theory which is beyond the scope of this post. The salient factor is that Carl Rogers championed consensus and faith in “homeostasis” on the individual level  and the level of society to find a solution. Carl Rogers theory works well when the parts have and act with “good faith”.  But with the GOP that is the problem.

This nation does not need a Carl Rogers at the helm but a “pontifiex maximus” who will:

  2. Then apply testosterone to fight the battle after setting the conditions of the engagement.

Barrack Obama Fails Yet Again To Provide Leadership

I never believed Obamney Care was strong enough unless we had a public option. But lets put that aside. Obama has won in the Supreme Court just like he won in 2008!

But never underestimate Barrack Obama and the corporatist wing of the Democratic Party to celebrate the audacity of impotence in the face of victory!

Polls show that while Americans like the individual items of Obamney Care, the package has been stigmatized successfully by the Tea Party! What is needed is a shot of testosterone and for Obama to stop abdicating the bully pulpit.

Barrack Obama is having community organizer FLASHBACKS! President Obama seems to believe in chummy engagements with Republicans on the basis of “Dale Carnegie“. What Obama does not realize is the Republicans don’t use “Dale Carnegie” as their guide but the robber baron “Andrew Carnegie” as their guide! Obama has to stop using Carl Rogers’ “person centered approach” to governance because corporations are not persons!

We Must Rehabilitate The Concept Of Taxes And Tax Loopholes

We have allowed the concept of “taxes” to be defined by the 1%. The truth is taxes help democracy as a means of social control! The problem is Democrats run to the hills at the thought of “social control”. Republicans constantly define the issue as “the individual vs the government”. However when the referee is weakened the game of life is ruled by the bully! That bully is the corporation.

The Issue Is Not Government Control But Our Democratic Society Having Control

Taxes are the means we raise revenue. But certain behaviors can effect the rate that an entity is subject to. A free society uses taxes to control the flow of capital by rewards and penalties. Tax loopholes can be used to reward appropriate behavior of the corporate beast. We can give tax breaks to companies that invest in alternative energy, take risks to develop vaccines. In a similiar manner we can tax bad behavior. Such as moving jobs offshore! Tariffs are also a form of tax. They protect both blue and white collar American jobs.

The issue is who sets the standards for tax loopholes! The values of society via our democratic political institutions or the values of corporate political contributors in corrupting our political institutions?

In the new lexicon of the 21st Century we have to rehabilitate the concept of “taxes” and “tax loopholes”! That is why Barrack Obama and most Democrats are such failures.

Obama and the Democrats have:

  • Allowed their behavior to be “shaped” by the contingencies of reinforcement of their corporate political contributors rather than using the tax power the other way around. We should be “taming the beast” not the other way around.
  • Resigned the bully pulpit and allowed the GOP to be the pontifex maximus of the nation when it should be the president who defines the issues. In this era of citizens united when corporate money will corrupt our political institutions we especially need a president who will use the bully pulpit.
  • Not pushed for a constitutional amendment that would separate corporation and state. This amendment must go beyond just reversing citizens united.

The time has come for Barrack Obama and the Democrats to stop playing “make believe progressive” inside the corporate sandbox of their political contributors and to instead “tame the corporate beast”.

Real progressives cannot sit by while Barrack Obama engages in the audacity of impotence! Without a strong public option costs will continue to rise and the concept of “health care reform” will be blamed. The individual mandate, without a strong public option really serves the insurance industry more than the citizen. Barrack Obama has to stop celebrating the testosterone free lifestyle and start defining issues!

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