Is This What It Has Come Down To America?

Yes folks I have not posted for a whole month and can you blame me? What the hell has happened to America? As much as Trump drives me nuts with his whining that people are picking on him, I will not close my eyes to Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama’s betrayal of the Progressive base.

I am a Bernie Sanders supporter, and I will NOT VOTE FOR HILLARY CLINTON! Just look at the pathetic situation of America today! We have gone to pot!

  • I am tired of the fear mongering and Government by the corporate oligarchs!
  • I am tired of living in a nation that CELEBRATES IGNORANCE!
  • In this corner the champion of conspiracy theorists – Donald Trump.
  • In this corner our beloved lady of NAFTA, sweet Goldman Sachs approved Hillary H1-b Clinton and her crocodile tears for the Middle Class.
  • But don’t worry folks you can still get on board with the Libertarian Party. You can get a free copy of “Atlas Shrugged” and join the incessant whiners as they celebrate the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS who ship our jobs, technology, and future to China while you work for slave wages. But with the Libertarian Party at least you will not suffer! Why because you can SMOKE POT and they will not bother you! Yes, BRAVE NEW WORLD with the “feelies”.

Between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is America going to pot?

Libertarian Party The Answer?: Oh, Dudes The Colors…. The Colors.

Yes, the Libertarian Party may be the answer for this depressed blogger! While our jobs get offshored and Hillary Clinton brings in more H1-b high-tech workers to take the place of American computer grads in the few jobs that remain – NO PROBLEM.

Just vote Libertarian and whine with Ayn Rand for the poor oppressed capitalist who must ship his factory off shore. Then when China grows strong and becomes a military threat – NO PROBLEM because the Libertarians will at least let you smoke mariuana ¬†we will all be STONED DUDES….. Oh, dudes, this is SOOOOO KOOL……..

Don’t worry about Hillary Clinton letting secret emails lose while Donald Trump calls his bromance bud Putin to hack us. The Libertarian Party has the answer dudes! The Libertarian candidate just stopped eating pot seven weeks ago to run for President.


Well that might scare you, but I have something worse to scare the life out of you:

Hillary Clinton

Oh, I feel so good with Hillary Clinton at the helm. She can hire her friend and former DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz to oversee Wall Street. The Princess of the Pay Day Loan Sharks. The high cost of Trump University got you down? No problem just see Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, and she can fix you up with a payday loan with interest rates that would make a mafia loan shark seem like a saint.

Donald Trump


Donald Trump might make an excellent President for that 3 AM phone call if the Pentagon fears a Russian missile attack. With Donald Trump’s excellent intelligence background he is the one I want to answer the phone at 3 AM. Donald Trump:

  • He sent paid operatives to Hawaii to search for Barrack Obama’s birth certificate.
  • He also stated that Ted Cruz’s father was part of the conspiracy to kill President Kennedy.
  • Not to mention he had GOP intelligence operatives on the hunt for Obama’s death panels!

Yes with such a sane logical mind I want Donald Trump to be at the nuke button when the 3AM phone call comes in!

The above two clowns make you want to smoke some pot! But instead:


I blame this whole crisis on Barrack Obama! Yes, Obama. If he did not engage in an almost 8-year marathon celebration of the testosterone free lifestyle then we would not have Donald Trump. I don’t know which if more annoying.

  1. Trump with his Birtherism.
  2. Obama for being such a wimp and not standing up to him. But instead kissing corporate butts and now wanting to give us TPP. Obama’s celebration of his inner wimp plus his pushing for TPP is what gave us Donald Trump. Stop making excuses for Obama and Hillary Clinton.
  3. Hillary H1-b Clinton -Our Beloved Lady Of NAFTA is pathetic. She plays “make believe liberal inside the corporate sandbox of her donors. I am fed up with her and Obama engagin in their never ending love fest with Goldman Sachs. Show us your speech transcripts Hillary Clinton!

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