ISIS Close To Baghdad And Kobani

ISIS is closing in on Baghdad with their dream of restoring the Caliphate. Shiite Iran will not allow this to happen. However the claim by ISIS leader to be the new Caliph is even heresy to Sunni Muslims. So where are the Muslim armies lining up to stop all this from occurring? Not to mention the atrocities that would occur if ISIS wins Baghdad and Kobani. The latter is in norther Syria on the Turkish border.

Kobani is Kurdish and Turkey has a restive Kurdish population that might seek to join the section of Iraq where Kurds have an autonomous state.

  1. Where are all the Muslim nations who have a stake in stopping ISIS?
  2. Why is the Iraqi Army so ineffective after we trained them for a decade and ISIS got no such training from a foreign state?
  3. Conservatives are all set to jump in with boots on the ground but why didn’t anyone care about Darfur where 100 – 400,000 civilians where killed?
  4. Why are Conservatives all set to shut down the government due to the national debt but want to get us into a new quagmire?

Should there be boots on the ground?

Yes but they should be under the Star and Crescent not the Stars and Stripes! We can and should provide the air power but we cannot put boots on the ground when the resources are already in place.

Conservatives talk about a grand coalition of American military and foreign policy experts who say we should put our boots on the ground.

And who will pay for this in blood and dollars?

Why cannot they be Muslim boots on the ground?

Meanwhile the BBC reports a blast in Iran that might be related to nuclear testing.



  1. US politicians and goverment never understood any other country. Iraq is one big fail of US diplomacy. Billions dollars were spent with zero efficiency. Iraq regime is corrupted and nobody likes it. US army has bad image in Iraq. ISIS is winning and USA has not power to stop them. Billions dolars were spent on drons, smart weapons and satelites and now USA will be defetaed by army of young idiots screaming Allah Akbar equiped mostly with AK47 and few piceces of artillery.
    But some americans military companies took billion dollars profits from selling drons, satelites, smart bombs and last generation fighters. The are all useless now but who cares…. billion dollars were already spent by goverment and some top managers from top companies already have them on their bank accounts.