It Is Night Time In America

It is night time in America, my friends. We are now entering a “post-truth world” as several TV commentators have said. The lie and alternative realities have become “normalized“! I believe this occurred because we had a celebration of the testosterone free political lifestyle that “enabled” these liars! Barack Obama refused to mount the bully pulpit and be the Pontifex Maximus this nation needed. Instead, he was a Carl Rogers style “facilitator”.

No this is not “silly season” but the fruitage of wimpy rhetoric. Standing up to the bullies of the GOP was required! Americans see themselves as “action figures” and will vote against their own “self interest” but not against their “self concept”!

Night Time In America Is The Legacy Of Obama Not Standing Up To The Right-Wing Bullies


  • Soon a birther will have his finger on the nuke button.
  • A climate change denier, Rick Perry will be our Energy Secretary.
  • Conspiracy theorists will be considered reputable.
  • The news media are shirking their duty to call these liars out.

See the video below.

The Wall Street Journal editor in the video above illustrates the fight that Plato had against the sophists centuries ago. The WSJ editor refuses to stand up and state that in some instances there is a “truth” beyond mere opinion.

Ignorance is celebrated in America today because the forces of the lie were not confronted but enabled in our nation by timidity!  Furthermore our nation’s decision making processes, our political institutions were corrupted by the forces of money into politics.

Many in the Republican Party such as Senator John McCain have warned us about this repeatedly over the years. He spoke out for campaign reform and corrected one of his supporters when she said Obama was a Muslim.

But a new Lucifer has now falsely taken up the problem of “draining the swamp and is using it to his end!

The False Shining Casino On The Hill Now Faces It’s Sunset


In the old Zoroastrian Religion, the force of Light did battle against the force of the Lie -darkness. Ahura Mazda (The Good Mind) did battle and was assisted by his Holy Spirit called “The Spirit of Progressive Mentality” against the forces of “the lie”! I do not use this analogy to imply that Conservatives are on the side of evil. They are good decent people as Liberals.  What faces our nation today is not simply an issue of politics, regardless if you are Republican or Democrat.

The issue is the celebration of ignorance and the worship of “the lie”. This resulted in the worship of speculation over honest work!

The Price Of Not Confronting The Bully

In this article I will advance the thesis that the celebration of the lie became possible because no one stood up to the bullies who celebrated ignorance durning the past eight years!

Please read this as it may confront you.

I believe the celebration of “the lie” was made possible by the good but misdirected nature of Barack Obama and his celebration of the testosterone free political life-style that enabled the liars!

Night Time Is Falling On Our Land As Ignorance Is Celebrated For The Sake Of False Power

Our new president does not want to take his intelligence briefings daily. In fact, he states he knows more than the intelligence community! WTF?

  • Can you imagine if Barack Obama had said that?
  • Remember when Republicans would wave the flag and say our disagreements end at the border as we are all Americans and should “support our president”? Except when that president is Barack Obama.

These Republicans are the same people who called Bernie Sanders a communist.

But don’t worry America!

It is 3 AM and NORAD is calling the White House. Their radar has detected incoming Russian missiles. But it could be an atmospheric abnormality as it occurred once before. But our new President cannot take the call as:

  1. He is on Twitter attacking his enemies.
  2. Taking his intelligence briefings was beneath him.
  3. He knows more than the intelligence community.

But not to worry America, sleep tight. Because even though taking such a call at 3 AM requires insight and cracker jack fact checking skills our new president is guided by the rigorous skill set of  Birther Epistemology!

Yes It Is Night Time In America


With an administration that has the fact checking and critical thinking skills of “birtherism” behind it, I am just so proud to be an American.

Yes it makes me so proud to be an American with:

  • Donald Trump having the nuke codes.
  • Rick Perry in charge of the Energy Department as our polar ice caps melt.
  • Jeff Sessions as Attorney General.
  • An entirely new team of Bankster loving and Goldman Sachs appointees to take over from the outgoing Obama bankster bunch. – Yes, dear reader, fresh, rich blood is what makes America great again!

So sleep tight, dear reader. WTF think about this as our nation slips into this nightmare!

What if  Obama had only 1/10 th the testosterone that Donald Trump has maybe we would not have lost both houses of Congress in 2010 and 2012.

What if:

Both Obama and Hillary Clinton could have said the “T word”. You know “Tariff”. But no that would be just to much to ask from our transformational president and his successor Hillary Clinton. But they could say the word “TPP” – and you wonder why we got Trump?

Imagine dear reader as America slips into this long nightmare of a Trump presidency, what if:

Obama had not done an eight year marathon celebration of the testosterone free political lifestyle and instead stood up to the GOP bullies?

Obama had used the presidental bully pulpit day and night to push for a contitutional amendment that separates corporation and state?

But no instead he did his mantra of “MEOW”!

Dear reader, as we observe NIGHT TIME IN AMERICA just think what could have been if this wimp we have for an outgoing president, Barack Obama had stood up to the bullies in the Republican Party and used his rhetorical skills to advance the progressive agenda?

If birtherism and death panel lies were directed against Donald Trump, what do you think his reaction would have been?

Stop Blaming Bernie Sanders For Trump’s Win

We Bernie Sanders supporters are not hissing at Hillary Clinton. The “hissing noise” Hillary Clinton is hearing is from the white noise machines she used to block out her speech from reporters (and us) when she spoke to her rich donors at outdoor parties.

This white noise blocking by Hillary Clinton was just her way of saying “we are stronger together“! Yes it is indeed night time in America!

Yes, this was the alternative we had to Donald Trump! The same Hillary Clinton who backed Debbie Wasserman – Schultz the DNC payday loan shark queen.

Yes it is night time in America when our choice is between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Timidity against the lie is the legacy of Obama!

The president who had everything going for him and just threw it away to celebrate eight years of the testosterone free political lifestyle. This is what enabled Trump and the Republican bullies to block him and the progressive agenda.

The legacy of Barack Obama is looking the other way as the “cult of the lie” becomes normalized! 

No dear friend this is not “silly season” this is instead night time in America!

  • Night time in America is the legacy of Barack Obama for being a wimp by not standing up to the Republicans and their lies.
  • Night time in America is the legacy of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for going to bed with banksters!
  • Night time in America is the legacy of Barack Obama and the Democratic Party for going to bed with the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS who ship our jobs offshore and care only for their profits rather than the nation that gave them birth.

Good night Gracie!


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