Japanese Disaster Could Be A Green Blessing

Japan may emerge from this disaster as the leader in Green Technology! First let me state outright I wish this disaster that hit the Japanese nation had never occurred. I do not mean to imply that this was a good thing. But the Japanese people now have the ability to become world leaders and turn this lemon into lemonade!

As I write this there are news reports that a nuclear meltdown is probable. I understand that General Electric built their nuclear power plants. When the dust clears from this Japan may emerge as the leader of Green Technology!

Consider this:

  1. Japan has almost no oil reserves.
  2. The Japanese people are an advanced society with a powerful middle class. They will continue to be a consumer driven nation as they should be.
  3. Japan was the only nation in the world to be the target of nuclear weapons.
  4. Even if the two reactors do not meltdown the danger was very real after this tsunami disaster!
  5. Japan has a history of patriotic public and private sector cooperation to advance her favored industries that made her a leading auto and electronics producer.

Conclusion: Green Technology

Since Japan has no oil reserves and has a negative history with nuclear power but does not want to give up her advanced lifestyle the solution is obvious!

Massive Japanese  public and private sector cooperation to make Japan the leader in Green Technology! While our nation languishes under tax breaks to the poor persecuted petroleum industry, Japan will turn her scientific and industrial might to become the leader in Green Technology! Better them than China which already has taken American companies into their fold.

Because of the unique situation of Japan she will be forced to become the world leader of Green technology.

Corporate Collectivism vs. The Individual

Our society continues to suffer from the cancer of corporate personhood! While the BLEEDING HEARTS of the rightwing and their Tea Party fellow travelers whine and wail about the poor abused corporations, Individual Freedom continues to be under attack from the Corporate Collectivists!

Taxation without Representation

Every time you hear one of those corporate goody goody commercials where they talk about protecting the environment while they rape it remember who is paying for it! YOU ARE! Every time you fill your gas tank part of that money goes to their K-Street Agenda and you didn’t even give them permission. You cannot even avoid paying this tax!

Where are these Tea Party so called champions of individual freedom when my wallet is raped by Exxon, BP and the rest to support their agenda? Is it any wonder that our political decision making processes are distorted!

This is the “freedom” that they want to give the individual!

With jobs both white and blue collar jobs off-shored to serve their corporate interests, our middle class way of life is to go under to serve their interest!

This is the ever glorious Brave New World definition of  “Individual Freedom” as defined by Republicans and their Tea Party fellow travelers  of the so-called free market!


I can understand the Tea Party folks as they have the intelligence of an ameba! But what about Obama and our ever glorious Democratic Party? Our beloved President, the champion of  “Change You Can Believe In” received loads of money from Goldman Sachs’ PAC in 2008!

Thank God things have changed since 2008! Now the poor oppressed corporations are “persons” in their own rights! They don’t need PAC’s to funnel money to advance their corporate interests and make us pay for it! This is called “Innovation” and “value creation” in the Brave New World of Corporate Collectivization!

Goldman Sachs can now finance directly it’s own independent commercials for candidates! Where the hell is Barrack Obama and Charles Schumer? Why aren’t they pushing for a constitutional amendment!


At least Japan will now be the laboratory for Green technology! Again I wish it was not because of a disaster.

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