Jim Cramer For Commerce Secretary

Yes I am a flaming anti-corporate liberal. If Barrack Obama wants to add a Republican to give him straight from the hip advice and who believes in infrastructure spending then JIM CRAMER is my man! Yes I know he is a corporate type but he is really for spending on infrastructure and is criticizing Obama for not spending enough! I urge  you to watch the video below! Jim Cramer really hits the point! 

If you doubt my liberal credentials just look at my other posts! Hell I am not a “Democrat” but a “SOCIAL DEMOCRAT”! But this guy Jim Cramer really makes sense to me! I have also heard him advocate for Universal Health Care! His idea is to have some type of voucher system that is independent of the employees’ work place! When I heard his idea at first I did not like it but now it really makes sense to me! Why does this make sense? Let me pose a question!

Well what type of corporate behavior are we trying to shape in our “Societal Skinner Box?”

Why should companies that do right by their employees be “penalized” while those that do not get financially rewarded? Also this will make Universal Health Care less subject to Conservative propaganda.

One other thing thing Jim Cramer says is that the tax rebates should go to the lower classes as they will spend it, which is what we want them to do. He is not saying this in a derogatory way but understanding of their situation. Kudos to Mr. Cramer as he is not advocating that a tax break should be given to the rich though I am sure he would like one.  What I really like about Jim Cramer is that he views the Infrastructure aspect to be CRITICAL and he faults Obama not for having it but not having enough. Again please watch the above video.

President Obama please consider Jim Cramer for Commerce Secretary!

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