Jobs: Both Romney And Obama Are Corporate Shrills

Mitt Romney loves to portray himself as a businessman who knows how to create jobs! Wrong he knows how to create investor gain on middle class pain! Even Mitt Romney’s fellow travelers in the Republican Party called him a “Vulture Capitalist”. Hey that wasn’t a term thrown at him by the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators but by Rick Perry. Below is a cute ad from a pro-Obama super-PAC that attacks Mitt Romney.

What is amazing is they actually had these poor workers build a podium just so Mitt Romney and his fellow travelers of Bain Capital could announce to the workers they were fired!

To Serve Our Social Betters: America’s Future Under Both Romney And Obama

Well is Barrack Obama any better? Yes in some respects but Barrack Obama still plays “make believe liberal” inside the monied confines of the corporate sandbox.

  • We never got a real stimulus package.
  • Obama even signed a new free trade deal last fall.
  • Obama determined that to save his job he needs Latino voters so he went  to a Latino convention to speak. Why couldn’t he do the same in Wisconsin? Oh wow Obama sent a “tweet”! What a twit!

While Obama did give us a reduced stimulus the problem is we are building our infastructure, in part,  with Chinese contractors! Is this “Change We Can Believe In”!


Don’t Look At Both Sides Of The Issue: That Implies We Only Have Two Options.

Progressives and Democrats now face the dilemma of Romney vs. Obama. It is hard to walk away from Obama when we invested so much in him. But aren’t we just like the worker in the first video who built a platform for Romney? We built the platform for Obama and he turned out to be a corporate shrill!

The real issue is do we want to invest in testosterone deficiency syndrome? If Obama is re-elected he will continue to wimp out from fighting the Tea Party. The major issue will continue to be the deficit rather than jobs and the separation of corporation and state.

Obama will continue to get away with his phony financial reforms that did not end “to big to fail“! His reforms did not even touch the issue of usury.

Below Cenk Uygur and his guest voice their angst about Obama. You may have to hit your browser’s reload button.


I believe the future lies with the Green Party and/or Buddy Roemer. I wish Senator Benie Sanders would run for President but that is only dreaming.


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