Joe Liebermann Saves Tiger Woods From Corporate Defections

Tiger Woods
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Tiger Woods who seems to have more woman than Bill Clinton had cigars was about to loose almost every corporate sponsor he had! Well that was the case until today when Senator Joe Liebermann became the man of the hour and decided to help Tiger Woods keep his corporate sponsors. It will not be easy for Tiger Woods to control his testosterone raging libido that is driving his corporate sponsors away from him but Tiger Woods will begin daily does of “LIEBERMANNICIN”! This exciting new drug developed by Connecticut pharmaceutical corporations and tested on Senator Joe Liebermann makes the patient worsey and fully compliant with corporate prerogatives!

Why just look what it has done for Senator Joe Liebermann! He is so worsey that he is afraid to go on the Rachel Maddow Show and discuss his betrayal of Democratic Party ideals! The same party that gave him the Vice Presidential nomination! But he keeps his corporate sponsors and that is what is important!

Now thanks to “LIEBERMANNICIN” Senator Joe Liebermann is the worsey little pimp of the corporate world! Soon thanks to Connecticut Pharmaceutical Corporations Tiger Woods will reap the many benefits of “LIEBERMANNICIN”. Don’t worry Tiger! That’s right because Joe Liebermann will save you from your raging testosterone!

True Senator Liebermann betrayed his own values concerning Health Care reform that he held when he was the party nominee for Vice President! But being the corporate wimp that Senator Liebermann  is he keeps his corporate sponsors! Tiger Woods will now have the same opportunity! Yes only in America could such a miracle occur! Now Tiger Woods will  begin daily doses of LIEBERMANNICIN THERAPY! This fine Connecticut product will soon be in stores nation wide.  Unfortunately the cost is not picked up by most health care plans.

There has been speculation that the recent White House party crashers may have slipped some “LIEBERMANNICIN” into the drinks of President Obama and White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.

It seems the White House wants Harry Reid to bow down to Senator Liebermann’s efforts to strip the Health Care Reform bill of any remaining elements of testosterone! (See Video above). Maybe one Democrat Senator will stand up and say “enough” and threaten to withhold his vote because this bill does not deserve to pass unless it has teeth!

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