John Boehner Wants To Know Who Is Going To Jail?

Again this progressive wishes  John Boehner were a Democrat! I oppose everything John Boehner believes in but I admire his guts and determination!

He wants jail time for the those involved in the IRS scandal while at the same time he is preparing to push for a repeal of Obama Care for the 37th time!

No whining  “oh but we don’t have the votes”! Meanwhile on the pussy cat side of the aisle we have Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and America’s role model of testosterone deficiency, Barrack Obama!

Imagine John Boehner As Democratic House Leader

Imagine  if John Boehner, not Nancy Pelosi  was the House leader for Democrats then after the 2006 election when Democrats won the House two years before Barrack Obama became President! He would have used the power of the purse to end the Iraq War. But Democrats ever being the corporate wimps that they are would not attempt such a thing.

Meanwhile our beloved President, Barrack Obama suddenly today expressed anger! Wow I wish he would show the same energy for defending social security, medicare and the pursuit of the separation of corporation and state!

John Boehner is going to try to repeal Obama Care for the 37th time! While I disagree with him 100% I love his testosterone and fight!

Did our fearless leader of hope and “change we can believe in”, Barrack Obama  try for a constitutional amendment to separate corporation and state? -MEOW!

Did Barrack Obama call for jail time for the corporate collectivists who destroyed our economy? – “MEOW”

The Difference Between John Boehner and Barrack Obama!

John Boehner never gives up. Barrack Obama would not even go to Wisconsin to support the unions who supported him. At the last moment he sent a TWEET! What support! Oh yes “Change We Can Believe In!”

Go to hell Obama don’t expect this liberal blogger to rally to your aid!

Are the Republicans going to “turn the page” as you did with the economic crash of 2008 or the lies that got us into the Iraq War? Yet Obama “turned the page”! Now the wimp wonders why the GOP goes after him! He is a wimp and the time has come for Democrats to make a choice!

Barrack Obama OR “Change We Can Believe In”!

Vote for Elizabeth Warren in 2016!

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