John McCain The Bleeding Heart For Lawlessness

Today I heard John McCain on CBS’s program “Face The Nation.” To use the bloated language of the right wing, John McCain needs to “learn the lessons of history!” According to John McCain the big shots who draw large salaries for their legal expertise did not commit a crime. Instead they merely gave “bad advice!” WHAT planet are you on Senator McCain? When I served in the military we were told NO TORTURE – PERIOD! (see video below).

This doesn’t take a rocket scientist Senator McCain. The prior Administration broke the law. Now some of you who are reading this post may ask the question, So what? The issue is not simply:

  • That we are violating the Geneva Convention which has the force of LAW in our nation,
  • Nor that this practice of torture served as a recruiting tool by Al Qaeda, John McCain even acknowleges that in the video above!
  • That the Republicans accused Democrats of “not supporting our troops” by saying we tortured in Iraq and Guantanamo!


If water boarding and similar practices go unpunished and are allowed to be defined as “enhanced interrogation techniques” what is to prevent such practices and definitions being used against American Citizens at home by future Administrations or even the local police!

So am I going over board? I don’t think so! Let’s remember as conservatives love to say, “the lessons of history”!

Remember folks these are “Republicans” we are talking about. The very same people who believe that owning an assault weapon and keeping it in your home is as American as apple pie! Why? Because they believe it is a final line of defense against the Government taking away the rights of the individual! So excuse me and my fellow liberals if we fear our civil liberties being destroyed by an Administration that says”

“This is America and we don’t torture!” (George Bush)

I heard this line over and over by that deserter in Chief, George Bush! Always with that sickening smirking face! I fear future Presidents saying the same or even a local prosecutor! Where is the incentive to not practice these acts?  Also they attacked liberals for attributing “torture” to our troops! Now with more pictures to be released concerning this rampant practice of torture in Iraq by American troops we are merely to believe that lawyers in Washington “gave bad advice”, as Senator McCain said in the video above! By calling this “bad advice” we have to wonder what is the ethical capability of Republicans! Oh perhaps John McCain is going to lecture us on “ethical relativity”! But I thought that is something they accuse us liberal Democrats of practicing! You know “if it feels good then do it”!

Poor bleeding heart John McCain! He accuses Democrats of being like Dictators in a Banana Republic by going after the prior administration!

So if we let Senator McCain have his way then Republicans have a carte Blanche! After all the fuss the Republicans made about President Bill Clinton and his affair with Monica Lewinsky, the way they dragged this nation through all details while a war in Kosova was going on, they are going to lecture us on “moving forward”! Yeah right. If the Democrats don’t go after Cheney and the Republicans for this then what incentive does a future administration have to think twice about engaging in TORTURE! The only protection we would then have is the “definition” by what ever party is currently in power!

America’s Silent Majority, our great Middle Class, demand LAW AND ORDER! Senator McCain’s logic is the logic that gave Germany it’s “Enabling Laws” that produced the Third Reich! Some can say, “but they were only terrorists”! Some where but not all at Gauantamo! Nor where those who were TORTURED in Iraq! Only a court can define one as a terrorist! Maybe we should release our nation of it’s courts and let the Republicans be our judge and jury!

When the new torture pictures are released remember these Republicans told us “Our troops do not torture”! They made it a patriotic issue! Now they say they were only acting under “bad advice” from some Washington bureaucrats! Ethical Relativity – Republican style! President Obama MUST go after these criminals to the fullest extent of the law.

Maybe we should all buy assault weapons because in the future the Republicans may have the likes of Blackwater patroling our streets!