John McCain Waging Psychological Operations against Obama

I believe Democrats have missed the deadly aim of McCain’s Britney Spear ad! By “tagging” Britney Spears, and Paris Hilton to Barrack Obama they are trying to label Barrack Obama as a soft wispy feminine “air head” who lacks “TESTICULAR FORTITUDE” ! It is not just the “celebrity” tag but the underlying linking of Senator Obama as “impotent” when the American public respects macho ACTION FIGURES! Please don’t take this as an insult to Britney Spears! She is every red blooded American man’s dream fantasy. (Just got back to my computer as I had to take a cold shower). But the contest is not Miss America it the Presidency! (See Ad Below)

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Next the ad presents differences between Obama and McCain on energy. McCain is pictured as the “action figure” while Obama is falsely portrayed as an “air head” who is wimpy and does not want to TAKE ACTION! That is why we have a Texan as President and this stupid war goes on and on! You would think that since the Democrats have taken control of both Houses of Congress the news media would have aired McCain’s Britney Spears aid to a back drop Democratic Congressional investigations of every aspect of the Iraqi War. Who is making a profit and the decision making process that lead us to this! With control of both Houses of Congress I would have expected impeachment proceedings if not at least “censure” proceedings against both Dick Cheney and George Bush. But instead we hear the wimpy cry of Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Harry Reid! “Oh dear we don’t want to put the country though another impeachment or even heavy investagations again …. Whine, whine, whine!

This is why the Democrats and Liberals are such losers! Americans respect ACTION FIGURES! That is why Bush and McCain may yet turn the American public opinion to support the war in Iraq. Karl Rove thumbs his nose at the Congress as did Alberto Gonzales and most Democrats don’t have the stinking guts to go after them or Bush! Again let me repeat a maxim I said some time before in this blog!

As far as the American public is concerned if you “don’t kick ass then you are an ass kisser”! America wants ACTION FIGURES NOT SOY BURGER EATERS!

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid both believe in their hearts these proceedings are correct but they fail to impeach for “political reasons”. That being their over eating of soy tofu and complete lack of “testicular fortitude” (a term invented by a Clinton union leader)! Our nation is loosing it’s Sons and Daughters along with taxes to support the wild eyed Social Engineering Experiment in Iraq while Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid refuse to become ACTION FIGURES! The public knows Democrats lack “testicular fortitude when Democrats cannot even muster the testosterone to act against the George Bush and Dick Cheney! Some Liberals do have the guts like but not Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi! . This blogger is going to join them and I hope you do likewise! We need some ads with “Testicular Fortitude” like the one below. Maybe Democrats should have a contest for who can make the best ad showing “Testicular Fortitude”!

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Keith Olbermann, whom I deeply respect, mentioned the “celebrity” aspect and McCain being jealous. That is correct but he also said the ad had racist overtones being that it was to subliminally scare people that a Black guys is with two white girls! This is the last thing we Democrats need to get into! Imagine getting side tracked from the issues facing our nation to parse racial overtones into this commercial. That is what Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would argue! That is what Barrack Obama is trying to separate himself from. Karl Rove would love for Barrack Obama to follow Keith Olbermann in saying the Ad is racist! Hell you could argue it makes fun of Nordic woman as both ladies were blond and perceived to be “air heads! If the Republicans could put this country through Clinton’s impeachment for such a friviolous incident why wouldn’t the Democrats stand up for our constitution as our Bill of Rights are being undermined by Bush!

America’s Silent Majority – our great Middle Class and those who aspire to be, demands the Democrats STAND UP for America and IMPEACH George Bush and Dick Cheney! Yo Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid stop eating the soy burgers and get some testicular fortitude and investigate with public hearings all the nonsense that has been going on for the last seven years!