Jon Stewart Attacks #Occupy Wall Street

The Occupy Wall Street Patriots are spilling their blood to save America from the banksters that destroyed our economy. It is bad enough that FoxNews distorts their message but does Jon Stewart have to add his voice just to make a buck and for a cheap laugh?

While the Tea Party crowd shows up to their demonstrations with guns and the right wing goes ga ga over them as they return to their warm beds, the #OWS patriots throw their bodies literally into the push to stop the bull of Wall Street.

The Occupy Wall Street Movement has been attacked for using the toilets of local businesses! Yet the supporters of #OWS have been willing to furnish portable toilets.

Republican Objection:

But they are hurting small mom and pop stores!


Many local stores have received orders from around the world to furnish food and other goods. Thus these stores are being helped! Besides Obama was to much of a wimp to go after the criminals of the 2008 financial meltdown. The Occupy Wall Street movement is our last line of defense. Even if some stores are harmed did you Republicans ever hear of “collateral damage”? If this were the Tea Party we would hear talk of spilling blood and watering the “tree of liberty with the blood of patriots”!

Below is a link to the latest cheap shot by Jon Stewart at America’s last line of defense against corporate plutocracy! I did not want to even grace his video by embedding it.

Jon Stewart\’s cheap shot

Occupy Wall Street Movements Stands For Change We Can Believe In

The only force between American democracy and the plutocracy of Wall Street is the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Barrack Obama is a whinny little pussy cat along with Senator Charles Schumer (Wall Street Chuckie) they have betrayed the Progressive agenda for campaign contributions from the corporate PACS.

When will Democrats go on the offensive and stop being the spineless testosterone deficient little corporate pussycats that value their corporate PAC money more than the progressive values of President Franklin D Roosevelt! I am fed up with making excuses for the pathetic wimp we have as President.

I can understand Republicans since most are corporate servants. I do not fear a GOP victory! What I fear is the Obamafication of the Democratic Party that would give away the legacy of FDR without a fight.

Look at this short video below where Newt Ginrich attacks #OWS. Republicans have no problem engaging in “arguementum ad hominem”!


Where the hell are the Democrats in response to this!

The answer is the Democrats are bent over with a corporate golden phallus up their asses!


  • Is this change we can believe in?
  • While America bleeds from job losses Obama the wimp signs a new law to off shore more American jobs at the altar of so called free trade! Are we to support this wimp?
  • Why is it perfectly ok for Republicans to attack progressives yet for us to counter is termed “class warfare”? We have been the victims of class warfare by the 1% for too long.
I will not get side tracked by the Republicans attacking the wimp we have for President. When someone throws sand in a wimp’s face and he tries to compromise then the wimp deserves it!
I hope the Occupy Wall Street Movement grows into a new political party! I do not want to simply challenge Obama in the primaries to move him left ward! I want to DUMP THE WIMP!
Should Obama be renominated then we need to have a third party candidate. If you believe in CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN then we must DUMP THE WIMP OBAMA!
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