The Joys Of Competition In The Service Of The Corporate Collectivists

I am tired of the cliche of the “Joy of Competition” from those who want to undermine individual freedom at the profit of corporate power. We see this “celebration of the subjugation of individuality to the corporate collective” each time an unsuspecting young person leaves college and goes for a job interview.  I will be devoting an entire article to this at a latter date.

But what is really troublesome is that the applicant is expected to subjugate their self interest to the interest of the corporation without any reciprocity! The applicant’s intelligence is actually equated to the their ability to practice “trickle down identity“.

I have written before that the greatest danger to our democracy is not simply “trickle down economics” but the far more insidious cancer that plagues our society which is “trickle down identity“!


Corporations Are Destroying Our Democracy While Democrats Play “Make Believe Liberal” Inside The Corporate Sandbox Of Their Moneyed Donors

The issue for Progressives is are we going to make believe what we are seeing from Obama and the majority of Democrats in Congress is “change we can believe in”? They are allowing the corporate agenda to proceed.

This corporate agenda can be summed up as follows:

“I want you and you and you and YOU to compete for smaller and fewer paychecks. While I sit back with my “entitlement” to enjoy the dividend check from your pain!  Isn’t competition wonderful when it doesn’t hurt me but you?”

Then when you cannot survive on your job’s meager earnings you can be called “moocher”! 

We live today in an era of licentious permissiveness where the subjugation of the individual to the corporate collectivists goes unchallenged!

These very same CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS have pursued their indulgence of profit over patriotism by shipping our jobs and technology overseas, frequently to America’s potential enemy China, while they preach their “entitlement” to do so and buy out America’s Congress with their doctrine of “corporate personhood”.

My friends stop turning your heads away from the fact that many in the Democratic Party have become the fellow travelers of these CUT AND RUN CORPORATIONS!

The cut and run corporations resent any regulation by a referee (the government)  in their game of “competition”.

In this era of licentious permissiveness they attack any attempt at law and order! The idea of “responsibility” by these “corporate persons” to the society  that gave them incorporation, profits and protection is foreign to them as is their very own self identity. These corporate persons don’t identify themselves as “Americans” but as “Global”!  They are a threat to our national security because they have become “China enablers”. These corporate “persons” are “moochers”.

Yet where is Obama?  He has chosen to be a Carl Rogers’ style “facilitator” rather than be a “pontifex maximus” who uses the presidential bully pulpit.

One writer at the Huffington Post thinks this is a good strategy. I disagree. However it would be hard for Obama to preach against corporate money as he took it. In 2008 he got the biggest amount of Goldman Sachs PAC money! 

President Obama and many Democrats have passed and continue to support new free trade agreements that have destroyed our industrial base. They then preach the value of education while supporting the off shoring of American high tech jobs and importing H1-b Visa foreign workers to undermine America’s high tech graduates.

Recently a writer at Slate said that is because these foreign workers can do the job better! 

Below Senator Bernie Sanders disagrees with the theory advocated by the writer from


Hey Slate why not off shore writing jobs?

No I do not want to hurt Indian foreign workers. I would legalize those here and their families!  Thus set them free of the corporate bondage they are in. They could be deported if their corporate sponsor fired them. But let us not import any more until America’s college students have their shot at American jobs. We must also support older blue collar workers who are forced to re-train for high tech jobs since the Clintons and Obama have off-shored their blue collar jobs in exchange for corporate money into their campaign chests.

Here is an idea for Corporate Democrats who preach the value of American workers competing with foreign workers!

If competition is so great why not ban any corporate money in politics by a constitutional amendment?

If that occurred then corporate Democrats would not have their corporate gold filled campaign war chests. They would loose a big advantage they have. Then perhaps we could have a third party dedicated to progressive ideals.  – Now what is the word for that or the “term”  if the corporate Democrats had to face a real progressive slate of candidates?

Oh yes the word is “COMPETITION“!


Obama And The Democrats Have Also Sold Us Out

My regular readers know that while I am a Social Democrat I don’t see much hope for America from the mainstream of the Democratic Party. We must separate corporation and state. Obama did mock the justices of the Supreme Court to their faces in his State of the Union address a few years back but he never called for a constitutional amendment to ban corporate money from the election process!

Furthermore it would require more than one speech on his part. He would have to twist the arms of fellow Democrats and some Republicans.

Obama would actually have to display some testosterone instead of being a Carl Rogers style “facilitator”.  President Obama would have to call out the news media and demand they devote coverage to just how damaging and powerful corporate money has become in our political system.

You will note how the right wing has no problem trying to control the “news cycle”.

When the Obamacare website failed they were orgasmic. But when the news turned latter to a possible deal with Iran the right wing became angry that the news cycle had passed from the Obamacare website failure to a possible deal with Iran. They claimed the deal was an attempt to move attention away.

My point is that Obama must push the news-media to focus on the damage that corporate money is having on our democracy. He must do so even to the point of calling the news media pro-conservative! He must push round the clock for a constitutional amendment to separate corporation and state. Obama will not because as I mentioned before he is beneficiary of corporate funds.

I have listed my ideas for such a constitutional amendment in a prior post. I will not detail it here but it involves far more than the reversal of “citizens united”.


The Danger Our Nation Faces: Corporate Collectivism’s Triumph Over Individual Freedom

If the agenda of the corporate collectivists is not reversed our nation’s citizens will experience the loss of economic freedom!

  • We will see our pay and benefits cut.
  • We will live at the mercy of the moochers while we work longer with fewer days off and smaller paychecks.
  • We will retire latter and thus younger workers will have to “compete” with older workers for smaller and fewer paychecks.
  • China will grow strong while the cut and run capitalists profit from their treason to America.
  • When China then becomes a threat the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS will suddenly discover their American identity. Not that their sons and daughters will serve in our military but that they and their children can draw dividends of profit from a military buildup while they call the rest of us “moochers”!

This is the danger we face. Let me repeat from my prior posts President FDR’s warning when he quoted an old English judge:

“A necessitous man is not a free man!” Republicans want to build a nation of necessitous men and woman!

Republicans have a different name for a “nation of necessitous men and woman”! They call it:

“A business friendly environment!”

As this occurs Democrats sit on their corporate funded campaign chests and whine “ain’t it awful”.

Yes this is the “freedom” that the Republicans want for Americans and that the Democrats are to weak to fight because they have given up their testosterone for corporate campaign contributions so they can play “make believe liberal” inside the corporate playground of their moneyed donors!

No my friends this is not “Change We Can Believe In” and I will not put my head in the sands! Will you?

We need Elizabeth Warren for President in 2016!


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