Just Say “NO” To Snowe And The Party Of No

The Democrats In Congress And Obama do not need Swine Flu shots. They need TESTOSTERONE shots! Sure they can learn from the Republicans on how to be the minority party of no! To bad the Democrats did not function as the “party of NO” while the Iraq War was waging and we had control of the House of Representatives for the last two years of Bush’s presidency! We could have ended the funding for the Iraq War and shifted our attention to Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Now the American people are war weary and who can blame them. It used to be we won World Wars in four years. Instead we just win Halliburton and Blackwater as parasites of our tax dollars! For God sake we have control of both Houses of Congress and the Presidency. We may not have control of both houses of Congress after the 2010 election. I don’t know who is weaker Harry Reid or President Obama! We need to go on the offensive.

As one protester’s sign read:

The Democratic Congressional Majority: Use it or loose it!

I listen to Keith Olbermann and he quotes new studies that say we have the support of the majority of Americans for the “Public Option”. Further according to Keith Olbermann the Tea Parties have backfired. Americans don’t care for bipartisanship. They just want the “Public Option”! You will have to excuse me as I am a latter day hippie and remember how the Republicans, during the Vietnam War, successfully wraped themselves around the flag! Then with their phony patriotism they scared Americans into four more additional years of the Vietnam War. I see Liz Chenney has set up a group to capitalize on any future terrorist attacks on America. Americans love action figures! Obama and Reid are not making the grade here!

The Democrats need to use fiery rhetoric and remind Americans that the Republicans wasted valuable time, lives and resources in the pursuit of their vast “SOCIAL ENGINEERING EXPERIMENT” in Iraq while the Al Qaeda threat grew in Afghanistan! Note I love to use conservative rhetoric in the service of liberal arguments! I believe we liberals need to do this and be far more aggressive. If you were around during the Vietnam War the Republicans would always whine about “liberal news media biases”. Yeah right. Well thank God Obama is taking a page out of history and showing how Fox News has pro-conservative biases!

But this is not enough. In a era where Obama is criticized for attending expensive fund raisers while corporations tax the “Silent Majority” of America to support their K-Street lobbying of Congress, we need to use the language of “class warfare”! Oh dear me what did I say! Oh will I generate bad karma on myself? Well I am sick and tired of corporations sticking their hands into my wallet to pay for their self interest! Health Care is just the surface issue of a more deeper power struggle going on in America! Oh I am so afraid of Euro-Socialism. With Germans having 11 week vacations! No I would rather work like a dog to support my social betters!

Republicans don’t have any problem setting American against American to support the Corporation Collectivization of America! I value individual freedom. You cannot have individual freedom if you are dependant on the Corporation for health care! I am not just talking about Blue Collar workers but White Collar workers!

Democrats need to drop the term “worker” and use the term “employees”! Republicans love to set blue collar and white collar employees against each other! Who are they to criticize Obama for an expensive fund raiser? That is the nature of politics. I am glad some upper class individuals remember what it is like to struggle. No one is against people being millionaires! The issue is balance!