Kill The Bill

I believe Howard Dean is correct! This Health Care Bill is so weak that it does not deserve to pass. In the video below you will hear President Obama followed by Howard Dean. The President just does not seem to get it. He believes that the issue here is “The perfect is the enemy of the good”. While I believe that is a good motto I do not believe it applies here.

As Howard Dean says in the video above, we do not really have restrictions placed on Health Insurance Companies with this bill. They can still in a “de facto” manner refuse insurance coverage on the basis of prior conditions by charging very high prices. President Obama is still riding his magical flying unicorn of idealism and has not landed on earth.

The President mentions the ever increasing costs of health insurance on the American people. But what he fails to realize is that the bill will not constrain the Insurance Cartel if it does not have a strong private option.

IMPORTANT POINT: Some say well then why are all of the Republicans going to vote against this bill if it is so weak?

The answer is that they did their work to make it weak now they want the Democrats to place their sole signature on it. Without a strong public option there is no cost containment. Republicans will sit back and watch the Democrats be blamed for:

  • Forcing Americans to buy from Insurance Companies.
  • Middle Class employees being forced to pay taxes on their so called “Cadillac” insurance plans that they won frequently in lieu of pay increases!
  • Mind blowing insurance premium increases since the plan has no teeth to bring competition to the insurance cartel that is holding America hostage. The general public is not really aware this is going to happen anyway but now the Democrats will have their seal on the problem instead of the free market. That is why a strong public option was so essential.
  • Democrats being blamed for the budget deficit that Bush not only caused with his reckless war in Iraq but also Democrats will be blamed for the deficit spending we had to do that prevented a depression. The worst case scenario of no action is not visible to the public only the “action” of the stimulus package generating budget deficits.

Democrats cannot use the excuse “well it would have been worse if we did not act”! Bull – The public will only see:

  1. Increased insurance premium costs as a result of the “action” of passing the weak Health Insurance Bill and
  2. Large budget deficits as a result of the “action” of passing a weak economic stimulus package. The public will not focus on the danger of 22% unemployment but the 10% we still have now!

The public will agree with the Democratic Progressive base, “This is not change we can believe in”! However they will look to Republicans since their finger prints are not on the Stimulus Package or the Health Reform bill.

Republicans will actually get away with:

  • Being the populists against the terrible insurance companies that Obama is forcing you to purchase insurance from.
  • Being the champions of the unemployed while blaming us for the deficits.

The Republicans will win with a slogan of “Let Freedom Ring”. Yes the so called freedom that comes from letting corporations go wild, that forces Americans to contribute to the K Street lobbying of corporations via increased costs for goods and services to finance their K Street operations! When will Obama become more aggressive?

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  1. Well the senate just passed a bill to fund Gov. next year and 600 billion is for medicare and medicaid….600 BILLION. Something has to be done. that alone will kill this country