Less Regulation: Power To The Corporate Bullies

Republicans and their corporate fellow travelers in the Democratic Party have undermined the ability of this free society to regulate the market place in the service of the silent majority’s economic security. As the term “regulation” has become conditioned into a bad word have you noticed the proliferation of pawn shops and pay day loan centers all over America? They are every where even in middle class neighborhoods.

These are the vacum cleaners of the 1% sucking the life out of the American middle class. We are witnessing a wealth redistribution program via the payment of usury rates by these payday loan companies. The business model of these corporations is based on the victim not being able to pay by the time their paycheck arrives. Thus creating debt peonage!

FDR said a “Necessitous person is not a free person”! We are becoming a nation of necessitous citizens. All this as the majority of Democratic Party politicians numb themselves with corporate funding, playing “make believe liberal inside the corporate sandbox of their patrician donor class! 

Regulation Means Corporate Responsibility To The Nation That Gave Them Profits

When New York State prosecutes these payday loan corporations for mafia style practices the bleeding hearts in the Republican Party and their fellow travelers in the corporate wing of the Democratic Party cry this is an attack on FREEDOM! Meanwhile college graduates are going into student loan debt and could become victims of payday loans if they loose their jobs and buy a home or car. Student loans are NOT payday loans. But they can never be forgiven. Unlike “corporate persons” who can go bankrupt, the student loan debt is there forever. Wages can be garnished to pay student loans back. This then sets the stage for victimization by payday loan companies as the graduate’s income already has a claim in case of job loss..

Ah yes the American Dream to be a payday loan and/or credit card debt slave for life in the service of the 1%. But not to worry that student loan you took out to get that high tech job will help keep you in the eternal state of being a “necessitous person”  as your  high tech job and career are off shored in the service of our social betters! YES THIS IS FREEDOM!

As we the silent majority witness the spread of these parasitic usury rate institutions  Barrack Obama pushed a law that does NOT outlaw usury but only attempts to make their rates more visible. That is what Barrack Obama calls “Change We Can Believe In”!

Below John Oliver is funny but the issue is not.

  • Where is Obama?
  • Where is Hillary Clinton?

Oh not to worry as Obama is pushing for the fast tracking of TPP while Hillary Clinton counts her patrician donor money for supporting the H1-B Visa program that undermines the remaining high tech jobs in America by bringing in mediocre high tech workers from abroad who will work for lower salaries!

In this new America with our jobs off shored Americans will be ever more susceptible to payday loans and these parasitic shops that haunt every middle class neighborhood.

We hear this constant right wing mantra that reducing the power of the government to regulate somehow equates into more individual freedom. Really? Freedom for whom? Not the individual but the corporate bully.

We Are Losing The Battle Of Information Because Obama Will Not Use The Bully Pulpit

We live in an era where every time we make a purchase part of that money can be used by a corporation to further their political agenda via super-pacs! The banksters are making a profit from supporting drug cartels and terrorists. See video below from several years ago.

You would think our news media would keep this in the public’s eye when politicians speak about the “evils of government regulation”. You would think that our beloved champion of “hope and change”, Barrack Obama would at least use the bully pulpit to mount a round the clock full court press against the power of the corporate bully!

But our news media and most Democrats are so timid that the term “government regulation” is a bad term. What is even more laughable is that the right wing gets away with labeling the news media as having a pro-liberal biases!

The Real Issue:

While if would be nice to see a constitutional amendment to separate corporation and state the real issue is the surrender of the war on the psychological front by the Democrats to the Republicans.

Things were bad before Obama.

  1. We had the revolving door at government agencies between the regulators and the regulated.
  2. Patrician money was influencing which candidates could get elected and corporate friendly issue groups were funding ads.

Obama was not at fault for the two Supreme Court rulings that made the decision making processes of our society even more tainted by organized money. I would not fault Obama if he failed to win a separation of corporation and state.

But I do  fault him for his complete lack of testosterone in fighting corporations in the war of ideas! He should be using the bully pulpit (while we still have it) to advance the separation of corporation and state 24-7! But this wimp will not even raise his voice. WHAT A PATHETIC FAILURE OBAMA HAS BECOME. STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR THIS WIMP! But then Obama wants to give us TPP!

So when will the public be rallied?

  • Certainly not by our pathetic President who is conducting a marathon celebration of the testosterone free lifestyle!
  • By Hillary Clinton and her patrician laden campaign war chest? Yeah right.
  • By the majority of our glorious Democratic Party? Hell no.

This is why we need Senator Bernie Sanders to be our next president! If not the video below is going to be our future. This occured a few years ago and Obama should have been making this part of the public consciousness. Instead …. meow!


Individual Freedom Vs Subjugation To The Corporate Collectivists

Let me set the record straight. I am not against corporations making a profit. I am not against them firing bad employees or laying off good ones when they have to down size.

Instead the issue is that corporations are increasingly not competing on the basis of ethical innovations but by the innovation of screwing the employee, screwing the environment and screwing America by off shoring or aiding our enemies.

The market place is a game where ethical players deserve to make a good profit.

But every game has a referee. That referee is the government of a free people. The game has rules.

You cannot:

  1. Use slaves even if you sell your products cheaper.
  2. Dump waste into our rivers as you are then mooching off society which must pay the cleanup costs.
  3. Make consumers addicted to your products. But we subsidize the tobacco industry.
  4. Sell products that can kill or injure the consumer.

Maybe we should just allow car brakes to fail and then the market will take care of the problem? Why not go up river from a conservative town and dump your corporate waste there in the name of FREEDOM!

Subjugation Of The Individual To The Interest Of The Corporate Collectivists By Destroying Regulation

Right wingers just love to talk about the horrors of the loss of individual freedom to the collectivists!

I am supposed to “identify” with the poor corporation and consider their interest to be my own interest. – BULL! I have termed this the “trickle down identity meme“. It is running rampant in our society and very few are calling it out.

We Are Being Taxed To Support The Political Agenda Of The 1%

Corporations are spending our money collected from the sale of their products and services to numb our society’s ability to regulate the game of the market place. I resent corporations airing TV commercials supporting their political agenda on carbon fuels when the funding for that ad comes from the sale of gas at the pumps!


I am being taxed at the pump to support the economic interests of the 1%. This is “taxation without representation”!  Where are the Tea Party fanatics when this occurs? I am not against ads supporting oil.

If you like oil then stick your hand in your pocket, not mine to pay for those ads!

We the silent majority are witnessing the demise of the middle class!

I don’t know what makes me angrier:

  • Corporations that thrive on an environment of necessitous citizens reduced to working at whatever salary they can get…….
  • The Republicans who eagerly call this FREEDOM or
  • The pathetic corporate wing of the Democratic Party that has betrayed the values of FDR! Lead by Barrack Obama they have become the castrati and do NOT deserve our vote.