Let’s All Get Worked Up For Hillary Clinton The Princess From Goldman Sachs

We Progressives must now take stock ourselves. Are we going to vote from our fears and live forever in a nation that values our social betters over our values?

I am fed up with American jobs being off shored while the wimp we have for president talks about fighting it with TPP.

Hillary Clinton says now she is against TPP. But she was part of the deal making. As I mentioned in prior posts, Hillary Clinton continues to send dog whistle signals to Wall Street that she is going to be the champion of “Change Wall Street Can Live With.”

Are you so willing to get all worked up defending Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama that you will close your eyes to their Goldman Sachs connections?

  1. Barack Obama the Darling of Goldman Sachs.
  2. Hillary Clinton and her patrician sponsor.

Progressives Must Stop Making Excuses For Hillary Clinton And Barack Obama’s Bankster Connections

As a Progressive, I am fed up with Democrats who stab me in the back while they kiss the butts of Wall Street. Here are some of the reasons I dislike Hillary Clinton and will vote Green if Bernie does not run independently in November!

  1. Hillary Clinton attacked Trump on his tariff views! Say what you want concerning Trump on other issues but he is correct concerning free trade and the need to FORCE American companies to return jobs from overseas. For God’s sake, this was a traditional Democratic Party position. 
  2. While attacking Trump, she said America would never give the banksters a “haircut.” Instead, austerity is good for the silent majority but not Wall Street. Trump said we would just turn on the printing press at Treasury! Donald Trump even attacked one of the sacred cow’s of the GOP. Conservatives attack Liberals by saying that America must operate the same way a family does in balancing its budget. Trump, on the other hand, said the analogy is no correct because the nation can print money. WOW, that is a traditional FDR type statement. Admittingly he did walk it somewhat back under conservative pressure. But Obama and Hillary Clinton would not even say that.
  3. Both Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama believe our factories are a thing of the past, so we best all train to be high tech workers!
  4. She continues to support the H1-b Visa program that allows American corporations to “outsource” American jobs to imported Indian workers. Frequently American workers are even FORCED to train their replacements else they will be fired instead of laid off, thus not eligible for unemployment benefits. Remember it is no longer just blue collar jobs that are off shored but white collar jobs as well. Those high tech jobs that remain, Hillary Clinton, wants to take away from American college kids even as she cries crocodile dears for the high rate of student loans.
  5. If Hillary Clinton is so concerned about the plight of America’s college kids then how come she and Barack Obama support Debbie Wassermann – Schultz? DNC Chairperson Debbie Wassermann – Schultz has supported legislation to help the PAY DAY LOAN SHARKS. Then they both cry about the plight of low-income Americans!
  6. Why doesn’t Hillary Clinton release the transcripts of the speeches she made to Goldman Sachs? What is she hiding?

Stop making excuses for her and Barack Obama!  Stop looking the other way as you get screwed!

“Oh man we showed them we put a Black person in the White House and now we will put a woman – this is so KOOL”!


What good is it if they are both for TPP and beloved by Goldman Saches? Stop making excuses for these losers or you DESERVE to work like a dog without an adequate income and no pension for your old age.



We must become the Tea Party of the LEFT or we will live in a land of austerity, jobs without pensions and work with no vacations – all to the service of our social betters with their NEVER ENDING SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT!

Say no to Hillary Clinton and vote for what you WANT not on your fears or we will be faced with the same corporate-sponsored Democratic Party in 2020!

Do not let Barack Obama’s testosterone deficiency trickle down to you!

The Democratic Party MUST Be Purged Of These Corporate Shrills

I will most likely vote Green, but there is a possibility I could vote for Trump! No, I don’t want anyone deported, but I find that scenario unlikely.

I expect stupidity from Republicans, but when Democrats become corporate shills we MUST purge the party.

What good is free college tuition if white collar jobs are off shored and those that remain, Hillary Clinton undermines, She has already done this by supporting the H1-b Visa program that imports low paid high tech  workers to undercut the high-tech careers that we all supposed to train for as a remedy for blue collar job loss? In fact, some American programmers have been forced to train their foreign replacements!

Stop closing your eyes. This is not just a blue collar problem but a white collar problem. But as I mentioned it is worse because white collar high tech workers are being forced to train their replacements. Here is yet another example of  H1-b Visa low paid tech workers replacing Americans all while Obama and Hillary Clinton laude getting an education!

No I will NOT look the other way even if it means that Trump becomes President.

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