Let’s Go Over The Damn Fiscal Cliff And Take The GOP With Us

I actually hope that the Boston Globe’s analyst Julie Pace is correct, that Obama is willing to let us go over the fiscal cliff. But I fear he will back down as usual. Barrack Obama started his Presidency with an urge to compromise even though Democrats took control of both houses of Congress. This presented our gallant hero of “Change We Can Believe In‘ with a problem in the “celebration of his inner wimp“!

The problem for Obama is that he could not “celebrate his inner wimp” if the Democrats had both Houses of Congress!

But then again we are talking about Democrats. We had control of the House with Nancy Pelosi as Speaker since 2006.

Imagine if John Boehner were a Democrat!  Boehner would have used the House’s “power of the purse” to send us over the cliff to end the Iraqi War. But Democrats are wimps who play “make believe liberal” inside the monied confines of the corporate sandbox of their donors!

Then in 2008 we have the arrival of our “Democratic Messiah”! We closed our eyes to the corporate money flowing into the Democratic Party as we all felt fuzzy warm with sugar coated talk of hope and change! Oh the self congratulations.

But Barrack Obama has a problem when he is elected! He had a powerful mandate for “hope and change” but inside he had this need to “celebrate his inner wimp”!

Barrack Obama could have pushed the Senate to end the filibuster and use his oratorical skills that FoxNews so feared! Yes that is what a logical person with some testosterone would do! But not Barrack Obama. He could not deal with victory!

Barrack Obama Chose To Celebrate His INNER WIMP!

The Republicans were soundly beaten and the Democrats controlled both houses of Congress.

So how can Obama “celebrate his inner wimp?”

Remedy: Enter Senator Joe Lieberman!

So Obama had to settle with kissing Joe Lieberman’s butt since Democrats controlled both Houses of Congress. However for a testosterone challenged wimp like Obama, ass kissing Joe Lieberman was not enough.

Obama Was Born To Throw Away Victory And Go For The Compromise!

Time for the “Law of Attraction” to come to play as Democrats paid the karma of Barrack Obama’s ass kissing of Joe Lieberman. That karma was the loss of the House to the GOP! Americans want “action figures” even if that means the Tea Party.

Now we are supposed to feel proud of Obama for finally standing up to a Republican controlled House that should have been a Democratic Party controlled House of Representatives.

You see dear reader Americans want “ACTION FIGURES” not wimps! In their pain they want to see something being done with urgency – ANYTHING!  If it is not in their direction they will still chose “action figures” over wimps!   Especially in a time of crisis when unemployment was and still is to high.

The issue is not that most Americans have a job.

The issue is how much opportunity is there as opposed to the 1%. How much “leverage” does the corporate collective have over our lives and their ability to render us impoverished! It is not just the unemployed. Americans with jobs want to move up the pay scale. But find they cannot since corporations can use the level of unemployed against them.

When will Obama learn?

Obama valued being perceived as a moderate over taking real action to fix the ills of the class warfare being waged against the middle class.

We live in an era of licentious permissiveness where the free market is free of values and even loyalty to the nation that gave them birth and profits.

We Must Stop The Cut And Run Capitalists

in this new Brave New World of the Corporate Collectivists individual freedom is to be devalued. Our lives are to be made destitute in the service of our social betters! Most Republicans willingly serve this view and most Democrats have been tamed by corporate contributions to only offer meek responses.

It is considered impolite to use class terminology! Meanwhile the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS ship our jobs, security and even military technology to China while they wave the flag and sing the “Globalization Internationale“!

Obama valued the secure votes of just a few percentage points in swing states rather than to use his oratory skills to really fight this and effect “change we can believe in”! Obama even signed a new free trade deal in 2011.

A real Democrat would have given us a real stimulus! Yes a REAL DEMOCRAT like President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Obama only won because he was confronted with a flip flopping outwardly 1% Romney.

But alas we have Barrack Obama!

Whining that it was so hard to pursue his goal of compromise when you have control of both Houses of Congress, Barrack Obama sat by as the Tea Party rose from the depths of his masochistic frenzy to take away the House of Representatives in 2010.

Progressives Must Stand Up To Obama And Be The Tea Party Of The Left

Some will argue that those mean nasty Republicans went after Obama! I would have no problem with Obama if he were not such a wimp who cost us the election in 2010. This created the “over the cliff scenario” that we have today and it is all Barrack Obama’s fault for being a wimp and not crusading to win Americans to Keynesian Economics!

  • How can the budget deficit be the issue when we had the Bush Tax Cuts and two wars fought on the credit card?
  • Why is “stimulus” a bad word in an age of high unemployment and income disparity?
  • Why weren’t these idiots in the Tea Party confronted?
  • Why weren’t the birthers called for being the racists that they are?
  • Why did Obama push for Financial Reform without outlawing usury?
  • Why did Obama sign yet another free trade deal only last year?
  • Why didn’t our silver tongued orator of hope and change crusade for a constitutional amendment to mandate the separation of corporation and state? – “MEOW”! Pathetic!

I am tired of making believe Obama, or for that matter the Clinton’s,  are nothing more than corporate shrills! They have become “tamed progressives” by their corporate contributors!

We had an excellent opportunity to push for the repeal of the Bush and the Reagan and the Kennedy Tax Cuts.

Barrack Obama preferred instead to lead this nation along the model of psychologist Carl Rogers’s “Person Centered Approach” where the leader is actually a “facilitator“.

While corporate money increased the taming of the Democratic Party into playing “make believe liberals” inside the corporate sandbox we needed a force to counter act the lobbyists and K-Street.

What America and the left needed was an FDR style “pontifex maximus” who would “define the national issues” “rather than allow corporate money to define the issues!

We needed a “Preacher In Chief” to sound a call to arms and give Americans a vehicle to express their outrage at corporate America! We needed a president who would use his office to make Americans remember the “lessons of history” as this was not our first economic downturn.

We had under President Eisenhower a 91% progressive income tax, robust unions and a real inheritance tax. Yet we had wealth for all and yes even millionaires and billionaires.

The legacy of FDR was unchallenged. That is until now. I don’t blame Obama for the challenge. I blame him for not using his office to educate the American people to their history!

Instead Barrack Obama chose not to lead but to “facilitate”! Using as his mentor Dr. Carl Rogers and his “person centered approach“. Great idea for a community organizer but the “person centered approach” does not work in a field where corporations are defined as persons!

But wait you say! I am being to hard on Obama! Just listen the way he is talking now! I disagree.


 If Obama Had Not Been A Wimp The Democrats Would Still Have The House


IMPORTANT: The entire fiscal showdown would not be occurring.

But thanks to Obama’s karma from ass kissing  Joe Lieberman, Americans did not perceive Obama as an action figure. Instead Barrack Obama chose to celebrate the testosterone free life style! That is why the GOP has control of the House and why Americans believe Keynesian economics was tried and failed. No it was not tried and the failure is Obama!

Thus we have the current fiscal cliff crisis because Obama lost the House in 2010!

Remember this point and never forget it. We lost the House because Barrack Obama changed from being the “Fox News feared crusader” for “change we can believe in” to instead becoming a role model of the celebration of the testosterone free life style in politics! 

Barrack Obama allowed the Republicans to “define” the issues or questions that we as a nation would face.


In the video below Robert Reich calls for a stronger Democratic response. if you do not see the video below just reload your browser!


Stop making excuses for this pathetic wimp Barrack Obama!

Doubt me? Then consider these points!

  • Why are we even discussing the debt crisis when we have record income inequality in this nation?
  • Why aren’t we calling for a repeal of not simply the Bush Tax Cuts but also the Reagan and the Kennedy Tax Cuts?
  • Why aren’t we calling for a repeal of the so called Free Trade Treaties?
  • Why aren’t we discussing balancing the budget by raising tariffs and protecting American jobs?
  • Why isn’t our beloved patron of “hope and change” crusading for a constitutional amendment to separate corporation and state?

Obama Has Not Said Social Security And Medicare Are Immune

Listen to this pathetic wimp and he says words to the effect that “we will not allow the burden of deficit reduction to fall on the middle class without “also” demanding more from the wealthy!” That implies cuts are possible.

Why should my senior years be compromised to comfort the comfortable! Just wait you will see Obama being self congratulatory after cutting the safety net by saying “we had to compromise and make the HARD CHOICES”! Why? The hard choice is for Obama to show some testosterone!

Obama And Democrats Are Not Addressing A Core Issue

The time has come to say what polite progressives are not supposed to say but I will say it here!

The so called “Free Market” does not translate into “my freedom”.

We “tolerate” this system because we do not want to get the government involved in occupational wage parity schemes! This would expose the inherent conflict in society. We want to believe in the myth that we get what we earn? This is a myth. We want to reward innovation but only to a point. Furthermore the innovation of “slave labor” is not a moral innovation  We need a balance to this raging flow of mindless, unpatriotic and immoral capital.

The issue is one of values!

Do we as a society favor the income from a paycheck or the income from a dividend check? The institution of society that must decide on this social value is that society’s political institution – “the government”.

It is not government control but control by society! Instead we live in an era where corporations corrupt the decision making processes of a free people!

Where is Obama? Where is the crusade to separate corporation and state? Well it is not coming from the 2008 Goldman Sach’s PAC grand beneficiary! Who was that person? Why Barrack Obama!

The Freedom Of The Market Is Not Always Our Freedom

Just as a biological organism has “homeostasis” the body of society has to have an equalizing set of processes to a market that is free of morality and yes even patriotism!

The Progressive Income Tax is merely a call to REALITY! If you have ‘self respect” then you have to demand some adjustment when a CEO makes in a day what you earn in a year!

Especially when the “innovation” the CEO makes is not to create to the betterment of society but rather to ship jobs overseas.

Not A “Death Tax” But An “American Exceptionalism Preservation Tax”

Oh the bleeding hearts on the right talk about a “Death Tax”. That is how they define the “inheritance tax”.

No there is no “death tax“! Conservatives don’t understand this!

Rather in this great land of equal opportunity we do not want to deprive the children of the rich of the “drive” and that gosh dog darn American spunkiness that built a land of wealth from entrepreneurs who went rogue and made new innovations! That is the very definition of American exceptionalism!    It is not a “death tax” but rather an “American Exceptionalism Preservation Tax“!

Slave labor is not the same type of entrepreneurial innovation as the creation of a vaccine or invention!

Despite the “corporate newsmedia” there is change we can believe in! It comes not from Barrack Obama but from the Occupy Wall Street Movement! We need to reform the Democratic Party or create a new Social Democratic Party that is free of corporate money.

I warn my readers beware of Obama. He is NOT a Muslim Euro-Socialist, Atheist who wants to impose Gay Sharia Law on America. Obama is worse than that. He is a WIMP. And due to him many Americans may give up hope! Thank God for the Occupy Wall Street Movement.

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