Liberal To Lay off Mitt Romney’s Wife

As a member of I am enraged that they would post a video that makes fun of Mitt Romney’s wife! I have inserted the video in this post so you my reader’s can view it and judge for yourself.

I have always believed that Progressives should become more aggressive and use the class warfare card. Especially since it is Republicans that have waged class warfare against the middle class. The video makes fun of Mitt Romney being an elitist and I like that.

What I totally DEPLORE is the inclusion of his wife as an object of scorn!


I suggest concentrate on how both Mitt Romney and Barrack Obama have become stooges for the 1%! Instead has decided to attack Mrs Romney!  I find attacks against Mrs Romney to be disgusting and dishonorable!

I grew up in  Missouri where I learned Progressive values! To be a Progressive is to stand for an honorable and upright value system that is idealistic.  This video from is  an insult to my sense of chivalry and honor as a Missouri educated Progressive!

I don’t care that Mrs Romney inserted herself into the campaign by addressing the Republican Convention. She is his wife! She has every right to stand up for her husband! Leave the woman alone! Stop making fun of her! She is a decent and honorable woman. She is simply standing by her husband. Further before we all get carried away, I believe Mitt Romney is underneath honorable. I just believe he is misguided.

I applause the  video’s attack on Mitt Romney’s elitism and being out of touch with middle class Americas. But I find the aggressiveness in attacking Mrs. Romney to be repugnant and despicable!

Is this what we Progressives have to do to “compensate” for Obama’s almost four years of testosterone free leadership? Attack Mrs. Romney so we can re-elect a wimp who will then engage in a “grand compromise” that places social security and medicare on the chopping block!

Attack Mrs Romney so we can compensate for Barrack Obama’s four year celebration of the testosterone free lifestyle?’s Misdirected Testosterone

Is attacking Mrs. Romney the “change we can believe in” that I voted for in 2008? Today I received an e-mail from an organization called “UnPAC”! The writer from that organization said  that President Obama personally told him that he now wants a constitutional amendment to overturn the Supreme Court’s “citizens united” ruling!

Very nice Mr. President! Did you get permission from your sponsors at Goldman Sachs to say that?


Why didn’t Barrack Obama push for a constitutional amendment to separate corporation and state before we even had the Citizens United ruling?


Barrack Obama is a mealy mouth arugula eating WIMP!

Many Progressives cannot take the truth. That is why organizations like MoveOn.Org are trying to compensate for Obama’s lack of aggression by attacking Mrs Romney! Leave her alone! This is dishonorable! owes Mrs Romney and apology! 

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