Libya: Case Study Of Republican Biases

The Republicans are using the murder of our Ambassador to Libya for political purposes. The problem is that Barrack Obama, ever the testosterone challenged, will not stand up to them. The issue is not when the President declared it an act of Al Qaeda. Doing so does not change the fact that murders took place.

I would expect any American President, Democrat or Republican, to refrain from giving the terrorists credit for the attack in Libya.

A premature labeling of the attack as act of Al Qaeda would make America look scared and weak.  As if every noise in a child’s bedroom get’s labeled as the bogey monster! That murders took place is undeniable but that happens every day in American cities!

FoxNews, you know the unbiased balanced news channel, is running with this like a foot ball.

Their thesis is that the President is lax by not labeling the attack as “terrorism”! They accuse the President of mishandling intelligence reports and delaying in the correct assessment of the situation.

Iraqi Weapons Of Mass Destruction: Mislabeling Intelligence Reports

Delaying to make a correct assessment was the right thing to do. FoxNews contends that terrorism was obvious since the attack was conducted by organized groups. They confuse Libya with Egypt.

Libya just experienced an armed revolution! Unlike Egypt where the revolution was by largely nonviolent means!

Libya was instead an N.R.A. PARADISE! Mobs of gun owners were everywhere and organized into groups.

Republicans beg the question of:

“Time delay in correct assessment of intelligence data: Does this hurt or help America?”

Jumping To Conclusions On Intelligence Has Consequences

Perhaps the Republicans and their fellow travelers at FoxNews need to learn the lessons of history.  Apparently they forget history very quickly. Let us refresh their memories.

Remember the false intelligence concerning  “Iraqi weapons of mass destruction” and the intelligence fiasco behind them?

  1. The Republicans and Sean Hannity of FoxNews continued to espouse the lie of Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction that resulted in thousands of American soldiers’ deaths and the maiming of numerous others.
  2. The Republicans and their fellow travelers at FoxNews cheerfully developed a blind eye to this mislabeling of intelligence as they funded a major war on the credit card while slashing the taxes of the rich.
  3. Even AFTER Obama took office we still had to pay for the continuation of this vast Republican right wing social engineering experiment in Iraq. The war costs still came in plus the cash flow balance sheet of the United States was altered and still not corrected as two wars were funded on a credit card while the tax revenue of the United States was slashed to fund tax cuts to the rich.

Iran Profited From Bush’s Misuse Of Intelligence

Besides the penalties our nation experienced due to a “cowboy quick draw” use of intelligence under Bush with Iraqi WMD we have the issue of Iran. This nation is larger than Iraq.

Iran was allowed to continue with it’s program because they knew America was far to preoccupied with our vast Republican inspired Iraqi Social Engineering Experiment!

What was worse for our national interest is that by eliminating Saddam Hussein we took out the one nation that opposed Iran on it’s borders.

Iraq even used chemical weapons against Iran! (video below)

This reminds me of Star Trek with it’s “prime directive”. Now that we took out Iraq we left the Iranians free to pursue their agenda.

But think of the bonuses the Republicans and their conservative fellow travelers gave us:

  • Years of war in Iraq while Iran built up.
  • Thousands of innocent civilians killed.
  • Thousands of Americans killed and maimed.
  • Our economy placed in a shambles.

But look at the bright side. I don’t want to end this article on a negative note!

  • We got the Bush Tax Cuts for the rich AND
  • Our economy in shambles!
  • Plus a new President who would not investigate the corruption of the Bush years that brought us to this mess. Oh yes “change we can believe in”.


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