Libya: To The Halls Of Tripoli?

Not with our troops!

As I write this our nation is again involved in a new crisis – Libya! Strange isn’t it that hundreds of thousands died in the Darfur genocide but we did not do anything like we are doing in Libya or for that matter in Iraq! While Darfur is calming down there is a crisis in Bahrain where the monarchy is snuffing out the democratic aspirations of the people. Instead we want to start add a new social engineering experiment to our list with Libya.

Bahrain has a Shite majority and is ruled by a Sunni monarch. The government is friendly to the United States, unlike Libya! The Saudi Arabians are inserting themselves, at the request of the Bahrain government, with their military! The Saudis are Sunni like the Bahrain ruling class.

Sunday on “Meet The Press”, Senator John Kerry defended Obama’s decision to intervene in Libya by stating that the Arab League sanctioned the intervention! Yes but they are Sunni not Shiite! As I mentioned Bahrain has a Sunni Monarch but a Shite majority! Also Bahrain, being in the Persian Gulf  is in a more petroleum sensitive area. I guess that is what is meant by “Ethical Relativism”.

Could The Europeans Use Ground Troops?

Since there have been rumblings concerning the removal of Khadafy from not only European Governments but even from Obama I wonder if the Europeans will actually use this as an excuse to land troops and assist the rebels.  As the video below shows things are bad in Libya. But then again where does our intervention end?

I really have no problem with the downfall of Khadafy.  I just wish we would not get suckered into another war! Further I resent the double standard that I mentioned above concerning Darfur and Bahrain!

I understand that under the “War Powers Act” the President can commit troops for 90 days before getting the approval of Congress. But I hardly expected Obama to be going on a foreign adventure! But then again I expected real Universal Health Care and the outlawing of usury from Obama and instead we got tax breaks for the rich and torture for Bradley Manning! So I guess we should not be surprised to see Obama do this.

If we are going to assist the Europeans then I suggest:

  • No American ground troops – PERIOD!
  • Air strikes against Khadafy tanks and armor in addition to the no fly zone. (Yes I realize that is more than a no fly zone warrants)
  • Dropping weapons to the rebels!
  • Encourage the French to live their dream – be the leaders!
  • Call for the Saudis to recall their troops from Bahrain!

The reason I added attacking Libyan tanks is because if we are going to get involved I don’t want it to end in a stalemate with endless civilian deaths.

We excel at “SHOCK AND AWE” but not with “BOOTS AND GAW”! So let’s know our strengths and weakness! A wise commander picks his battle field to maximize his strengths and to minimize his weakness! Will there be civilian deaths? You bet. Just like in our attacks against the Germans in WW II. We don’t have the smart bomb technology perfected that well yet and never will.

The Syrians and the Iranians must be watching these events very closely! Let’s hope democracy wins but let the Europeans take the lead! Can we return to the affairs of our nation and it’s growing income gap?

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