Licentious Compensation To Corporate Executives

Remember when Nancy Pelosi wanted to have use of Air Force jets to fly around the country and she was denied! Yet these effete snobs of corporate America cite “security reasons” for having private corporate jets to fly them, each in separately, while they come begging to Congress! In the video below it is mentioned that listing their flights as a “Security Requirement” gives the CEO’s the right to use it as a “tax deduction”!

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While I feel Nancy Pelosi has not been activist enough I believe she has more of right to a private jet for security reasons then these effete snobs of corporate America! For that matter I would accord the same right even to a Republican Speaker of the House. Perhaps “our social betters” don’t see the elected officials of a free society as deserving the same benefits that they have.

President – Elect Barrack Obama mentions the influence that the corporations have on the elected decision makers of our society when they accord members of Congress passage on these private corporate jets. In his book, “The Audacity Of Hope”, Barrack Obama mentions that being accorded the right to fly on a private corporate jet is like living in a different world. The airports are different and the wait is in luxury! You would imagine that a free society would VALUE the time and comfort and most important, the “safety” of an ELECTED decision maker over the Lords of the Corporate Collectives!

This whole fiasco that George Bush and his fellow travelers have brought upon this nation is now helping Middle Class Americans “get in touch with their feelings” to use a phase from my hippie past! We must ask:

  • Who the hell are these Lords of the Corporate Collectives to receive such enormous rates of compensation”!
  • What did they do for society that justifies such sweeping rates of compensation?
  • Why should they be paid so much more than the average American? Hey it’s not like they EARNED IT! (Wow can you believe I said that)!

True we don’t want the government to become involved in the ratio of pay scales. But there comes a point when it is time to check in with reality! That is why the progressive income tax is so important! No one is trying to stop these effete snobs from being millionaires but there has to be some balance for the PRODUCERS in our society! That is to say America’s great Silent Majority – Our Middle Class! Isn’t it amazing that in Europe they still have multi-millionaires and yes billionaires while their societies strive for social responsibility! I am sick and tired of hearing elitist snobs refer to the upper 5% as the “Producers” in our society! The Middle Class is tired of the CLASS WARFARE being waged against it by the effete snobs of Corporate America!

Bush and his fellow travelers have engaged in their Social Engineering Experiments in Iraq, wasting our troops and resources, while the War on Terror goes unfought in Afghanistan! We have seen the wages of Bush’s domestic social engineering experiment with the growing redistribution of wealth from the Middle Class to the top 5%!

The time has come in America to stand up for ECONOMIC PATRIOTISM! Roll back both the Bush and Regan Tax Cuts. Stand up for the Middle Class! Just look at how the consumer, who is now carrying heavier debts and uncertain job future, is holding back from spending in this critical shopping period for corporate America! Do you realize that even with an economic stimulus package in the form of a tax rebate to the Middle Class, much of it will find it’s way to China due to the enormous in balance of trade! Instead of experiencing a domestic “Multiplier Effect” these CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS will now have a stimulus package benefit communist China! These CUT AND RUN CORPORATIONS have spat upon our flag and institutions for to long! They set up phony headquarters on Caribbean Islands and profit from the transfer of American technological know how to China! The consumer is now heavier in debt while predatory mortgage owners and credit card companies have profited! Now they fear a reduction in Christmas spending as it will destroy corporate profits! Bush and his fellow travelers should have thought about that before!



  1. Wow; in this diatribe of class envy and covetousness, we are taught that because someone else has “luxury” they are evil? The old saying, “give a man a fish, feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime” is a good analogy for the jealousy being promulgated here. Now we have to punish the man with the fishing boat, because he catches more fish then the man with the pole? After all, he eats more fish, and he employees fisherman that work for his profit. But he is also the one who built the boat. He is the one who took out a loan to buy the rigging and hire the crew. And even though he feeds entire villages with his catch, he is evil and must be made equal with those around him? What a concept. Don’t encourage others to build boats and fish, but rather encourage them to hate the fisherman. So…rather then one man do well, and everyone benifit, eveyone must be misrable? Shame on you for encouraging jealousy, covetousness, anger, and class envy.

  2. Well can you answer what these people do to “earn” the wealth they have? The President of the United States makes $400K per year and he has more responsibilty than anyone. Yet these effete snobs make over 22 million. Please note I don’t care even if they did NOT make their company bankrupt. What did they give to society?

    What about compensation to the ancestors of slaves for work rendered by their ancestors? Yet Cindy McCain has somewhere around 70 – 88 million as the result of her ancestors so called work.

    We in the Middle Class who are the “producers” are tired of the class warfare being waged against us.