I am a NON-PC Liberal Democrat. I like Lieberman and believe that we should have a strong national defense policy while protecting the economic security of America! Lieberman, has to his advantage, that the American Conservative Union gave him a rating of 0% according to the conservative newspaper “Human Events”. The problem with Lieberman is that he wants to follow the same road in Vietnam that alienated an entire generation! Remember “Vietnamization”? Like Lieberman I believe we need to take strong military action when our vital national interests are at stake and have the tools at our disposal in which to act WHEN IT IS APPROPIATE!

I was also duped by George Bush. I have no problem with overthrowing Sadam. But the problem is that our nation cannot go around the world engaging in endless “social engineering experiments” because we do not have unlimited resources to do so.

Thank God that the current members of the National Guard attend to their full six year commitment unlike their Commander In Chief! We falsely faced the issue of Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction when we should have been dealing with North Korean Weapons of Mass Destruction. I do not fault Lieberman for wanting to take bold decisive action. The issue is not the war but the particular battle field and the “methodology” to use our limited resources!

With N. Korea we could use tactical air power even “invite” the Chinese to overthrow the “Dear Leader” and replace him with a Vietnam like communist! We accept the DMZ we just don’t want nuclear weapons coming over that DMZ! I listened to Lieberman talk about the danger of setting a time table. Why yes if our goal is to stay there and sacrifice our brave troops until an Iraqi Democracy can be made self sustaining. The problem is that is NOT in our vital National Interest. The flow of oil is! Yes I have no problem saying that! No I am not an “imperialist” for saying oil is worth a war! The fact is we cannot allow our nation’s economy to fall.

We have to face facts!

  • In that light are we going to extend this “social engineering experiment” of the neo-cons to the whole Muslim world?
  • Also what happens when a Muslim nation has elections and fundamentalists win?

No doubt Senator Lieberman feels the great bastions of democracy in the Muslim world such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates are pushing like hell to make this neo-con social engineering experiment successful. Being the great democracies that they are! Not to mention that great champion of democracy you may have heard about. You know – SUDAN! The nice folks who are waging a genocidal war against the Christians in the Dafar province and no one seems to care!

But then again Bush and Lieberman seem to focus more on small warhead katusa rockets falling 25 miles into Northern Israel rather than the fact that North Korea has nuclear weapons and is testing long range missiles capable of traveling thousands of miles to our shores carrying nuclear war heads!

Both Bush and Lieberman seem to have their priorities wrong. I am also for being decisive but only when it benefits AMERICA’S NATIONAL INTEREST. We are stirring up a hornet’s nest of nuts in the Muslim world and for what? Are we going to go on a crusade for democracy into the Muslim world when even our Muslim friends don’t want it or then vote a Muslim fundamentalist government into power! As I mentioned in a prior post it is not simply “democracy” but “secular liberalism” that stops the zanies!

Meanwhile our economy is bleeding as CUT AND RUN Corporate America spreads the capital it was permitted to create in our nation to alien shores. Building the capacity of China to harm us down the line with no guarantee for America’s vital interests only the interest$ of their portfolio$! As middle class Americans, and those who aspire to be, watch these effete snobs renounce their American identity to become multinational corporations with no loyalty to the nation and culture that gave them succor, incorporation, protection and PROFITS we hear the claims of these effete snobs that our middle class should settle for less income. We see our job security go down the drain while these effete snobs who preach the Free Market then use their K Street to money lobbyists to effect GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION in the job market, by importing foreign technical workers to lower computer professionals salaries! Meanwhile they advocate blue collar workers learn computer skills for the jobs they lost! This from the effete snobs who preach Ann Rand and her book “Atlas Shrugged”!

The time has come for Bush and his fellow traveler Lieberman to get their priorities straight. Iraq was a mistake, at least the continued occupation after the war.

Our goal was to end the Baath Party Regime and stop Iraq from creating WMD! Mission Accomplished! Now let’s get the HELL OUT! We have bigger fish to fry. It is time for the Silent Majority – America’s Middle Class to stand up for our nation!