Lindsey Graham And John McCain Vs Obama On Ukraine

Republicans Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Sarah Palin  and Rudy Giuliani have just released a detailed solution to the crisis in Ukraine. They have accused President Barrack Obama of being weak, soft and indecisive when we have a golden opportunity to have a new war.

They have declared Putin to be decisive while Obama to be a wimp.


Apparently the old Republican idea that divisions concerning foreign policy come to an end at the water’s edge don’t exist if we have a Democrat as president.

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Comrades Lindsey Graham, John McCain and Rudy the wonder boy

Sarah Palin accused Obama of being indecisive as a Senator when Russia assisted Georgian separatists. The problem is that George Bush was the President and he could do nothing. Even he realized you cannot go to war with Russia.

Well that is until now!

Republicans Announce Plans To Fund New War With Russia!


Speaking in front of the Capital building today Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain were joined by Sarah Palin and Rudy the wonder boy Giuliani to present the following proposal to the American people.

  1. America must push the boundary of NATO to Ukraine and be willing to fight Russia.
  2. Funding this will be simple and patriotic. The capital gains tax will be raised to 40% along with the inheritance tax on all estates over 1 million dollars.
  3. Further funding for the war will come from the repeal of remaining elements of the Bush tax cuts along with a repeal of the Reagan Tax Cuts. Also the Kennedy Tax Cuts will be rolled back for the war’s duration and up to 10 years after the war’s ending OR the end of the human race from a nuclear war (which ever comes first).
  4. Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain being veterans have also decided that since Russia is far larger than Iraq the draft will have to be re-instituted. These two Senators who are veterans have volunteered the first round of draftees! The first round of draftees will come from the roster of registered Republican males under 50. Also gun owners will be drafted so they can enjoy their sport while shooting at a target that will shoot back!
  5. To demonstrate Republican patriotism all defense industries will be nationalized so that no one gets a dividend check from the death of an American solder or their loss of a limb.

Nice fantasy above but maybe that is what we need before we launch another war!

On A Serious Note

We cannot be the world’s police.

The Crimea was part of Russia until Nikita Khrushchev separated it from the Russian Soviet Republic and gave it to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. It must be remembered that both Russia and the Ukraine were then part of the USSR. Also Nikita Khrushchev was Ukrainian!

What About Obama And Ukraine?

While I applaud his  contemplative reaction I still have several problems with Obama and his reaction.

  1.  As President Obama should slam those Republicans who have criticized him. Not doing so represents weakness. Bush sat back as Putin intervened in Georgia. Also America did not go to war to defend Afghanistan when the USSR invaded. So why doesn’t Obama speak up? – MEOW!
  2. Even if Obama should start to speak up he must do it repeatedly and even attack the news media for having a conservative biases! That’s right attack the news media  for not pointing out that Bush stood by with Georgia! – But Obama do that? -MEOW!
  3. While I don’t think it would really matter, Obama’s wimpy reaction to Republicans throughout his presidency may have emboldened Putin. Let’s face it Obama is a wimp concerning the Republicans. Was this the only reason Putin invaded the Crimea? No I believe he wants to undo Nikita Krushev’s hand over of the Crimea to Ukraine.
  4. If we use extreme economic sanctions then Putin may cut off the oil to Europe. This would then be a golden opportunity for the Arabs to do another 70’s style oil embargo in conjunction with Russia but to extract concessions concerning the Palestinians. Actually the Saudi fear of Iran may hinder this but could embolden Iran to join a world embargo.


If Putin should cut off supplying Europe with oil it might spur the Europeans to invest even more in Green technology. Currently Germany has a solar panel capacity equal to running 20 nuclear reactors at full capacity!

It still is only a small fraction of German power but Europeans are more likely to invest in Green Power then America. While I sypathize with the plight of Ukraine it is beyond our power to wage war.


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