So How Long Till Walmart Imports Cheap Goods From Cuba?

President Obama has announced we are normalizing diplomatic relations with Cuba. Many Republicans are going ballistic. But I bet many are calling their stock brokers so they can cash in on future factories that will be built in Cuba. Just think of all the money to be made on the misery of those people and their low wages. That plus the $hipping costs to America will be far less than from China.

These Cut and Run Capitalists have no loyalty to America. They ship our jobs, wealth and technology to China while partying with the Communist Party in Beijing singing their new song. The “Globalization Internationale”. But let’s all make believe we are not aware of this. Ready for Hillary Clinton…uuugh – HELL NO!

Here is a question I wish every Republican should ask themselves. I have been pondering this question for some time:

Every time I see one of those black POW/MIA Flags I have to wonder where was it made? China? Or worse in Vietnam? 

The video below is funny but it is what is happening to America. Our jobs are going to China to enrich the 1%. Then when we earn so little and lose our benefits these very same cut and run capitalists can call us “moochers“!


The GOP Will Back Relations With Cuba Once The Corporate Lobby Funds Roll


Just think a VIRGIN NATION waiting to be screwed by the Cut and Run Capitalists from America: Cuba! They don’t even have safety nets around their factory dorms to save the lives of the over worked young men as they have in China! These young men where jumping out of their dorm windows to commit suicide because they had no free time and felt despair. But we got to have our Ipods and Apple Computers and Steve Jobs was so cool. So lets look the other way.

The normalization of diplomatic relations does not end the trade embargo. But the embargo will end because the dark money will flow from corporate funds to Congress. Why you ask? Simple

The CUT AND RUN CAPITALIST$ will realize they can ship our jobs over to Cuba and the cost of shipping cheap goods back to America and Europe will be cheaper than from China! Make no mistake about it. The dark money will start pouring in to Congress to end the embargo.

There are legitimate reasons to end the embargo. Such as :

Why should we treat Cuba worse than we treat China? Also by doing so we drive a wedge between Cuba and Putin.

But leave it to the Cut And Run Capitalists to exploit a situation so that they can escape their “responsibility” to the nation that gave them birth, incorporation, safety to grow and profits? Oh dear I said a bad word that our new “corporate citizens” don’t like. The word is “responsibility“. These corporate persons are only used to “entitlements”. No doubt they will take their profits and save them on the Cayman Islands. Then attempt to blackmail us to allow them to return these funds only after we lower their tax rate.

After all they need a government payback to reward them for taking our jobs overseas. The motto is:

I want you and You and YOU to all compete with each other for smaller and fewer paychecks. While I sit back with my ENTITLEMENT to enjoy the dividend check from your pain. This is what they now call “innovation”.

So I ask you dear reader:

How long till Walmart starts to import cheap slave labor produced goods from Cuba?

We need Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren in 2016!