Mama Grizzly Bear Palin Likes Canadian Socialized Medicine

Alaskan Independence Party
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Sarah Palin is trying to steal the iconography of “potency” from Barrack Obama with her metaphor of the “Mama Grizzly”. That nice folksy icon of the Alaskan Independence Party that Sarah Palin loves so much. If Sarah Palin where a liberal then Glenn Beck would bring out the connection between the image of the “Mama Grizzly (see image on right) with the logo of the Alaskan Independence Party.  Remember his conspiracy talk about images on buildings a few months back!

But the real problem is that Barrack Obama would prefer to attack his own base than fight the Republicans. If he had some “potency” he would be lambasting Sarah Palin for double talk, since by her own admission she crossed the Canadian border to partake of their evil socialized medicine. Then again what can you expect from a wimp of a President who allows:

  • Month after month of death panel talk to go unanswered.
  • Corporate citizenship to be instituted by an activist far right Supreme Court with no demand for a constitutional amendment to restore a  strict constructionalist interpretation of the Constitution in wake of right wing activism.
  • A so – called “Health Care Bill” to be made into law without a strong public option.
  • His own native citizenship to be assailed without lashing back.
  • Sarah Palin’s connection to the Alaskan Independence Party to not be examined.

What kind of “family values” do the Republicans and their fellow travelers in the Tea Party believe in that would deny health care to Americans while Sarah Palin crossed the border to benefit from Canadian health care?

Meanwhile our President Obama is still being briefed that we Democrats actually do have control of both Houses of Congress. Yes that’s right Mr. President we not only won the elections but did so with a land slide. Our President, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid seem to constitute a “Troika Of Impotence” that cowers at “Mama Grizzly” Sarah Palin. But don’t worry because these three stooges have literally blown away our chances of making a change in our society the Republicans will win big this November. That is because they know how to use rhetoric!

Amazing isn’t it that the way the conservatives and Republicans ranted about Obama being such a “dangerous orator” and a “demagogue” that you would expect after 18 months into his Presidency we would be living in our new Socialist Motherland! Well actually the concept sounds pretty good to me, at least West European style Socialism.

So where is my new Socialist Motherland? All I see is corporations corrupting Democrats, killing the public option, blocking the importation of cheap Canadian pharmaceuticals and a Supreme Court that says they can spend all they want on ads for their candidates while forcing me to pay for it from their imposed prices on my consumption or their goods and services!

Mama Grizzly Sarah Palin And The Alaskan Independence Party!

Why don’t the Democrats go after Palin concerning her links to the Alaskan Independence Party? Well that would take some testosterone and Obama seems to lack that! Obama is an Osterich!

That’s right Mr. President just put your head in the sand like an osterich and those horrible majorities we have in both Houses of Congress will just go away! Right now it seems Obama will get his wish. This is not “Change We Can Believe In“!

When will Democrats learn you cannot let these right wing corporatists get away with this nonsense? But what would you expect when running for office costs millions and the corporations are willing to provide the cash. Democrats can be liberals but must play like children in the “Sand Box” that the corporate elitists define for the Democrats.

When will America’s Silent Majority – our great Middle Class stand up and fight the class warfare that is being waged against us by these effete snobs of privilege?

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