Massachusetts – Charge Of The Castrati Brigade

I disagree with The Huffington Post that a loss in Massachusetts is the loss of Universal Health Care! In fact as a Progressive Social Democrat I welcome it! When I heard the recent predictions I was actually laughing since this is the pathetic  result of fighting the “Party of No” by being the “Party of MEOW”! It reminds me of my undergraduate days learning B. F. Skinners’ operant conditiong! Corporate America and their fellow travelers, the Blue Dog Democrats, have been using operant conditioning’s “successive approximation” to shape the behavior of President Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi to the point where they are now “The Castrati Brigade for Change”! The new ‘mantra” of the Democratic Party leadership is “MEOW”!

Let me make one thing clear! I don’t want a public option I want UNIVERSAL SINGLE PAYER HEALTH CARE – PERIOD! Maybe after five years with certain ‘trigger’ contingencies I might allow states to add a “private option” for those who find they just love their greedy insurance companies! We Progressives were willing to accept a “public option” as a compromise! Look what that got us?

The real issue is Corporations taking our money and using it to finance via K-Street, their special agenda. Where does the money come from that goes to K-Street? It comes from us via higher premiums and/or reduced insurance services! Yet where is the rage? Corporate stealth taxing of middle class Americans is the issue and Health Care is merely a “symptom” of this underlying war against Middle Class Americans! We are being taxed without representation by corporations to finance their self interest against our own self interest! We should have a liberal version of the Tea Party movement to protest these effete snobs of corporate America taking our money to finance their candidates!

President Obama has destroyed his political capital, not only with the base but even with independents, because what has transpired over the last year is not “change we can believe in”! As I mentioned in a prior post we need real election reform! Every member of Congress who takes corporate contributions must be outed. But we must have a means to finance elections free of K-Street. In order to bring it about we will first have to give every member of Congress a clean slate to start off no matter how much they were in bed with corporations before. We need the Separation of Corporation and State! We need a President who will use his “charisma” to talk about this on a daily basis!

The projected loss in Massachusetts should be a wake up call for Democrats! A wise general not only fights hard but chooses his battle field. Obama, Senator Reid and Nancy Pelosi have become the Troika of impotence not change! The issue is not getting 60 votes in the Senate! The issue is having some testosterone and making corporate taking over of the American government the issue! President Obama is now taking aim at the banks. Fine but without heavy regulation they will just raise credit card interest to usury levels!

The Democrats should pass what ever limited regulations they can pass on the Health Insurance Industry via the 60 vote rule even if they need Senator Snowe! Next they can circumvent the 60 vote rule in the Senate by just funding Medicare for all!

The problem is:

  • The Tea Baggers have gone unchallenged! Throw garbage on the wall repeatedly and eventually it will stick. The Castrati Brigade that leads our party is now starting to realize this.
  • The stimulus and tarp funding packages where indeed to friendly to corporations! When AIG received more money than infrastructure projects real Democrats should have stood up! Now guess what? Tea Baggers are casting themselves as the enemies of Wall Street. If this Health Care Bill should pass, insurance rates will continue to rise since there is no public option. Guess who will get the blame for rate increases? Like a rat in a skinner box, the Democratic Party has been shaped to become the “Castrati Brigade”!
  • Where is the result of all the so-called “Shovel Ready Projects”? The public does not see jobs stimulated for middle class Americans but only benefits for the big shots in AIG and their fellow travellers in high corporate jobs where the bonuses are flowing! The shovels aren’t moving but the bonuses for the elite are! Meanwhile the Tarp funds are being paid back by ever rising credit card rates to usury levels! Is this “Change We Can Believe In”!
  • The “Castrati Brigade” has purchased the votes of the Democratic Senators from Nebraska and Louisiana! They have locked the doors to coverage and transparency! This is a complete 180 degree turn from Obama’s campaign pledge! Is this change we can believe in!
  • Democrats have surrendered the “rage wave” in terms of the economy. True even if we had a “correct stimulus” that reflected the needs of society it would still take time for it to work through the economy. My point is not “just” that the stimulus and tarp funds were not “shaped” correctly during the past year! But also the Castrati Brigade should have been raging daily PR attacks against the Corporations, demanding more regulations and a higher progressive income tax! For God’s sake you would think that these effete snobs of corporate America actually “earned” their millions per year! While we wait for the stimulus to work we should have been pointing out that these elitists earn more money in a day then the silent majority earns in a year!
  • Democrats need to learn that Republicans have no problem using “hate”. They did it against Blacks and recently under Bush they tried to divert attention from their tax cuts for the rich and Social Engineering Experiment in Iraq by making the nation focus on “Gay Marriage”! The time has come to get the public enraged about the corporate elitists and their control over our Government by their K-Street operations that we are forced to fund via higher product costs and reduced services! Oh dear but then we might generate some bad karma being so angry. Oh let’s meditate using the Reid – Pelosi mantra. Repeat after me – “MEOW”!

Democrats need to stand up. To hell with bi-partisanship! This concentration of wealth must be addressed! Do they earn and deserve this amount of money or should we use the tax code to give the average American freedom from corporate collectivism!

My God you would think that they found a cure for cancer, heart disease or aids? No we don’t want to kill capitalism only “regulate” it. Wait “regulate” is not the word! Rather we want to practice “behavioral shaping” of the corporation to live in a 21st Century humanistic environment! The time has come to make humanism the factor in our society and “individual freedom” as opposed to “corporate collectivism”!

The Castrati Brigade should now turn “contingencies of reinforcement” on not only corporations but Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats by demanding an end to corporate financing of candidates! Are we a society of one person – one vote? Or one dollar – one vote?

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