Massachusetts: Yo Obama It's Your Fault

Americans love “action figures”. George Bush Jr. did not even have a majority when the College of Electors  gave him the presidency in the 2000 election. Gore had the popular vote regardless of Florida. But Bush became an “action figure” when the issue was terrorism. So what he invaded the wrong country, Iraq! Americans love ACTION! His action, even wrong action, gave him a second term. Hell even the liberal MSNBC was re-airing the invasion of Iraq with all our “shock and awe” technology to it’s liberal audience well into the second term of George Bush. Then the issue was the economy and jobs. The Republicans preached what George Bush Sr. called “voodoo economics”. The same hands off economics of Herbert Hover. Obama promised “change” he presented himself as an “ACTION FIGURE”. Below is a video, not from a politician but an average American whose frustration and anger I agree with 100%. Thank you Justin for the video!

Mr. President I have not seen “Change We Can Believe In”! Tell me is this the “Change We Can Believe In”.

  • More money was spent on AIG then what was allocated for infrastructure for the entire nation!

  • Pork barrel spending instead of targeting more money to “Green Technology”. You stated that this pork was in the pipes before you took office even though you signed it into law! Why did you sign it?

  • Mr. President you said you were going to protect the average American from health care increases yet you placed more value on the votes of Olympia Snowe and Joe Lieberman than the people who elected you by killing the public option.

  • You dishonored the people who elected you by letting the likes of Sarah Palin talk about “death panels” and question your patriotism, and hence our party because we voted for you. Yet this woman has deep connections to the Alaskan Independence Party and has the brains of a five year old. By not attacking her or at least letting your Vice President play attack dog you cast our movement (not just yourself) as a movement of castrati and losers! You allowed them to be perceived as the “action figures”!

  • Instead demanding the Separation of Corporation and State you surrendered to Ben Nelson and Joe Lieberman. Why should middle class Americans have to pay for the K-Street operations of the Health Insurance Cartel or for that matter any corporation? Why should union members pay taxes on their health insurance because Obama doesn’t want to tax the rich. My God you would think that these people actually deserve to make the money they do!

  • When Republicans and their fellow travelers in the Tea Party Movement smeared our Party and the progressive agenda as being the agents of “Wall Street” while they cast themselves as the agents of “Main Street” you joined with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to chant the mantra of “MEOW …. MEOW……MEOW”.

  • You have allowed the Republicans and Tea Party folks to steal the “economy and jobs” as their issue not ours! What happened to focusing on companies that set up phony headquarters on Caribbean Islands to avoid paying taxes! You should have launched a “DAILY” Franklin Roosevelt campaign of CLASS WARFARE against these parasites in our society who want to ship both blue collar and white collar jobs overseas while they profit! Oh no that would generate bad karma. Well look at the result! Just look at Massachusetts! People want to see “ACTION”.

Dear readers the Democratic Party has answered the “Party of No” by becoming the “Party of MEOW”! These wimps will answer that folks like myself cannot do the math! We need 60 votes! Well I can do the math!

What I see is:

  • Corporations being given the right to levy a “stealth tax” against middle class Americans to finance their K-Street Agenda! They finance their agenda from increased costs of goods and services and/or reduction in services.

  • Democrats being part of their agenda and taking their money!

  • President Obama’s 180 turn concerning transparency and placing Congress on C-Span. No let’s see where all the corporate contributions are going and not just on this issue!

If Democrats cannot be Democrats then let them loose! Let the Health Care Bill go down to defeat if it doesn’t have a strong public option! When the rates go through the ceiling then the Republicans will be blamed not us! Besides if we pass a weak bill how is it going to be made better if we keep on the same path? Are Democratic Senators Ben Nelson, Joe Liebermann and Mary Landrieu going to go away?

The most important thing for President Obama to do now is to act strong and demand election reform that gives the people back their government not the corporations! While no one wants to have the government set salary compensations the time has come to end the redistribution of wealth away from the middle class to the upper 2-4%! We need a vibrant progressive income tax that protects the real producers in America! – Our middle class! We are not creating “Class Warfare” the Republicans have. They have no problem diverting attention away from issues with talk of “death panels” and “Gay Marriage”! They excel at creating divisions. Now we must answer it back! “MEOW” is no longer going to be accepted!

The Silent Majority demands our party:

  • Protect home owners not just giant corporations!

  • End the practice of usury by credit card companies.

  • End the exporting of middle class blue collar and white collar jobs overseas!

  • Stop allowing corporations from collecting our money to finance their own K – Street agendas!

  • Calling for Real Election Reform (See my proposal on this issue)

Thank God we lost in Massachusetts that way “doing the math” is no longer the issue. Let’s push “Medicare for all” which can be done around the filibuster by “reconciliation”. President Obama must now speak daily as “Pontifex Maximus” of the nation and “define the issues” rather than letting the Republicans do it. The issue isn’t health care it is the loss of individual freedom to  “Corporate Collectivism“! Health Care is just one symptom.

The cure is:

  • An increase in both the Progressive Income Tax and the Estate Tax for the super rich!

  • Banning all corporate contributions to candidates.

We cannot answer the “Party of No” by being the “Party of Meow”. Just look at Massachusetts! The charge of the castrati brigade must come to an end!

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  1. Oh Please….You should have never trusted Hussein Obama to begin with! In fact it is extremely naive to believe any politician in DC is there to look out for the interest of the American people. Wake up!!