Michael Moore On Gun Control And Wimpy Democrats

Yes once again the Democratic Party is being a role model for the “Testosterone Free Political Lifestyle”! Harry Reid would not stand up to the Republicans and modify the filibuster rule in the Senate. Now he whines that he cannot get 60 votes to get a vote! Yet more Americans have died from domestic gun violence since 1968 then ALL OF THE WARS AMERICA waged since the founding of our Republic in 1776!  See the video below with Michael Moore on the “Ed Show”.


Since 1968 1.3 million Americans have died from domestic gun violence!

That is correct. More Americans have died since 1968 from domestic gun violence then the combined of all of America’s wars. More Americans have died from domestic gun violence since 1968 than the total from:

  1. The Revolution
  2. War of 1812
  3. Civil War
  4. Spanish American War
  5. World War I
  6. World War II
  7. Korean War
  8. Vietnam War
  9. Iraq War #1
  10. Iraq War #2

Michael Moore on a recent TV program stated he partially agrees with the head of the NRA who stated “guns don’t kill people, bad people kill people”. Michael Moore stated

“Guns don’t kill people rather AMERICANS kill people”!

Mr. Moore went on to explain that while video games and movies are fingered by the NRA these same video games and movies are seen by Canadian teens. Yet they do not commit anywhere near per capita the number of murders Americans do!

Where I Disagree With Michael Moore

I like Mr. Moore and I even placed his name as a write in vote for office in the slots the Green Party did not offer candidates. Sorry folks there is no way I would vote for Barrack Obama or Wall Street Chuckie! Where I disagree with Michael Moore is that he seems to believe the answer lies in a massive education program and job training! He assumes people solely commit crimes for financial gain and if that need were removed then there would be no crime.

Sure and I bet that if we lowered taxes on the rich they would keep their investments in the USA and raise their employees salaries! After all their financial needs would have been met. Wrong.  These rich have a sense of “entitlement”. These criminals have that same sense.

The problem is we had less crime, per capita during the great depression, and we did not even have a safety net. What we did have is a “sense of responsibly”! Oh dear now did I say something I should not say! Well I am going to say even more!

What we had decades AFTER the great depression is a record rate of babies born out of wedlock! Furthermore in 2009 among African-Americans the out of wedlock birthrate was a whooping 70%!

  • What is the prognosis for such children?
  • Don’t forget part of the reason for the rise of the middle class is that two parent families reduced their number of children. Now we have larger families with one parent.
  • This trend is also among all races in America but especially with African Americans.

These statistics where not mentioned by Mr. Moore. Without active fathers, a boy’s sense of manhood becomes defined by teenage gangs. Even with a father a boy will have problems growing up in this culture.

But Americans are not going to buy into this secular collective guilt while teenage boys go to school with no books and their pants hanging so low that their underwear are exposed. No matter how much money you spend for schools you cannot teach those who do not want to learn. Michael Moore seems to put America down. Perphaps he would like to investigate a “Third World Alternative” to juvenile crime.  Singapore has a third world “therapeutic procedure” for juvenile criminals!


With out of control premarital birth rates the rate of poverty will be higher among such children as will the crime rate. Prior to Mr. Moore’s comments on the TV show there was a report of a brutal murder of a child in a carriage as the mother begged the assailant for mercy!

I wonder what are the rates per capita of murder in Saudi Arabia and Singapore? While I do not want to execute innocent people, I believe we should continue to have the death penalty!

But the death penalty has not been shown to reduce murders?

Really have you looked at the stats for the two nations I mentioned above? Furthermore when American states are analysed for their murder rates one should look at the ratio of murders to the number of executions. This is not done. If a state has a death penalty it is then measured against a state that does not. But if the certainty of punishment is not at least 50% then the threat has no potency! That is why banksters continue their bad behavior. There is little or no “enforcement”. Using the logic of Michael Moore then we should not regulate the banksters as the regulations have not stopped them.

The issue is if the threat of an execution is perceived as  “creditable”! Not if it is just on the books or only occurs in a small number of cases. If the penalty is not “enforced” then the statistic is not valid.

Michael Moore has to learn that Americans don’t believe in collective guilt. Be it from religion with the false story of Adam and Eve or a secular collective guilt. Doing so only hinders real social change!

“Freedom” also extends to law abiding citizens and their right to:

  • Walk the streets in safety.
  • The elderly to not be imprisoned in their homes for fear of going out in public.

Michael Moore is demonstrating a belief system that has made “liberals” change our self definition to “progressives”. As you can see from this article, I believe that sometimes to be a “freethinker” we have to go outside of the box!

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