Middle Class And Those Climbing Up Come FIRST Not The 1%

Once again this nation is being subjected to trickle down economics. The Republicans want us to buy into their philosophy and the TRICKLE DOWN IDENTITY MEME that supports it.

“The good of my social betters is my good. The rich have a right to be selfish because one day, with hard work (or a good relative who dies and gives you an inheritance) you can be rich too.”

“If we middle-class Americans would just know our place and stop scaring our social betters with talk about needing health care, paid vacations, social security, pensions and medicare then our social betters would not move our  jobs to China.”

The above is the nonsense that they want us to believe. We in the middle class are to subordinate our self-interest and individual freedom to the good of the corporate collectivists. This is called in the lexicon of the right wing, “Freedom“.

Below President Donald Trump tells the UN that America has to place its own self-interest over that of the world.

OK, Birther Donny then why should I put the interest of the corporation above my self-interest?

That does not mean I cannot be a team player. But we already tried trickle-down economics under Reagan and George Bush.  Why cannot Americans remember 2008?

I expect Republicans to be selfish and place the corporation over the individual. The problem is Democrats have not been in campaign mode to fight the trickle down identity meme. Why is Trickle down economics making a return?

Democrats have become corporate whores who will only “play make believe liberal” inside the boundaries of the corporate sandbox. Our political system has been distorted by money in politics even before the “Citizens United” ruling by the supreme court.

One individual is really responsible for the rebirth of trickle-down economics despite its 2008 crash. Forget about Trump and his idoicy for a miniute.  Who is that individual that caused the rebirth of trickle down economics?

Imagine If Barack Obama Had Pushed The Progressive Agenda With The Same Testosterone That Trump Pushes the GOP Agenda?

I dislike Trump and his agenda. But I do admire his ability to fight.

Democrats are either:

  1. wimps or
  2. fear they will upset their rich contributors by upping the rhetoric.

Enter Barack Obama.

My God what a pathetic wimp! Trump has not stopped being in campaign mode. That is what Obama should have done after he was elected in 2008. Folks we had control of both houses of Congress in 2009 and 2010, just like the Republicans have now. What did Obama do ……. Meow.

Trump has not stopped being in campaign mode. For all his faults President Trump knows how to manipulate the news media. He knows one of his roles is that of “Pontifex Maximus”. Trump knows one role of a sitting president is to be the “preacher-in-chief” for his political philospy.

The sitting American president defines the questions if not also the answers on the national agenda.

Obama should have gone into an 8 year campaign mode to fight trickle down economics and bank deregulation after he was elected in 2008. Let me repeat – we had control of both houses of Congress just like the Republicans have now. What did Obama do ……. Meow.

Obama could not take the time to pull his head out of Joe Liebermann’s ass to confront the lies of death panels and birtherism. When a bully kicks sand in your face and you say “sorry Sir” then voters lose faith.

Barack Obama conducted a marathon eight year celebration of the testosterone free political life style. He should have been crying foul at the conservative news media for their birtherism and death panel lies. Instead he just sat by like a wimp.

Americans wanted action. Not the same old ….. same old.

Americans will vote against their own self-interest but never against their own self-concept. We see ourselves as ACTION FIGURES not WIMPS. Yet some wonder why we got Trump?

We lost the 2010 election because Obama thought it to beneath him to throw his base red meat. Instead, the banksters won.  Obama should have run a campaign to defend the New Deal and fight organized money. What a WIMP. Below is a video of Barack Obama from 2008 till 2016 confronting Republican lies.


Barack Obama even wanted to make a “grand bargain” with Republicans. His agenda was to make austerity as humane as possible.

The notion of raising taxes on the rich, imposing a tariff on the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS who ship our jobs offshore to China never even entered his mind.

We could have made America economically great again.  Under President Eisenhower, we had a progressive income tax of over 90% yet we still had rich people.

Some will argue that the effective rate was 70% due to loopholes. Well, we have a rate of 39% and still have loopholes. Furthermore, if the loopholes are to channel capital to advance our nation’s goals that is fine. The problem today is loopholes are set to advance the goals of organized money, not the public. The decision-making process of our society has been corrupted by organized money. Thus loopholes get a bad name when in effect they are a hallmark of a mixed economy. Loopholes are to channel capital for the public good. They are to tame the corporate beast. The decison to give a loophole must be made without corruption by organized money. As America turns into that shining cassino on a hill it is the corporate beast that has tamed our democracy. But God forbid that Obama should have upped the rhetoric when he was president.

Today these effete snobs of privilege whine that a 39% rate is too high. Again I blame Obama for not standing up to them on a daily basis.

Obama should have been in campaign mode for eight years. Maybe we would at least have a public option and a higher progressive income tax. BirtherDonny Trump now wants to  end the estate tax. Thank you, President Obama, for being such a wimp.

Now you wonder why we have Donald Trump as president. Well, I forgot Hillary Clinton and her use of white noise machines at rich donor fundraisers. She did not want the public to hear what she told her rich donors. By the way, I voted for Bernie Sanders in the primary then Jill Stein in the election. I still have no regrets. The Democratic Party had to be purged of corporate shills.

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren in 2020!

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