Moocher Welfare Cowboy Cliven Bundy Vs Law And Order

We Progressives need to use the self righteous rhetoric of the right wing to break their hypnotic hold on many Americans. That is why in this blog you will frequently see this author employing “Republican speak” to make fun of these self righteous right wing  advocates of “entitlement”!   In that spirit I would like you to consider two instances of civil disobedience!

  1. The first was the Occupy Wall Street Movement and
  2. Rancher Cliven Bundy in Nevada.

The Occupy Wall Street protesters got beaten and tear gassed. But they did not bring guns and automatic weapons to their demonstrations. Contrast this with the militia supporters of moocher cowboy Cliven Bundy! Welfare Cowboy Cliven Bundy’s militia supporters have even pointed sniper rifles at the forces of LAW AND ORDER. Here one picture from “High Country News“. Yet the grievance industry called FoxNews makes them out to be heroes!

Just look at the prejudice of FoxNews. When they were covering the Occcupy Wall Street protests they would ask “why don’t these protesters get a job?

I would like to know why all these gun toting right wingers come to the support of Welfare Cowboy Cliven Bundy to point their weapons at the forces of LAW AND ORDER when they should be back home working a job and showing some respect to law enforcement officials.


If these militia groups want to act honorable then they should sell their guns and donate the money to Welfare Cowboy Bundy to pay his fine! They could also use the money to hire a lawyer to appeal. If they feel even stronger about their beliefs they could lay down in front of the law enforcement officials and perform nonviolent civil disobedience!

Maybe Sean Hanity would like to cool things down and save lives. He could demonstrate support for LAW AND ORDER by lying down with these right wingers and getting pepper sprayed.  The reason they don’t is they have this grandiose sense of “entitlement” and they are reinforced by the “grievance industry” called FoxNews! But where is Obama? Why doesn’t he demand LAW AND ORDER in Nevada? Why doesn’t Obama do what Nixon did and blame the media for feeding into this? -“Meow”!


Bleeding Hearts For Moocher Welfare Cowboy Cliven Bundy In Era Of Permissiveness

Make no mistake about it dear reader. FoxNews and their fellow travelers in the corporate news-media have created an era of licentious permissiveness in this nation! 

Excusing welfare cowboy Clivin Bundy’s mooching on federal crazing land while other ranchers  pay fees is part of a right-wing culture of “entitlement“. This culture of entitlement is reinforced by both parties. Welfare Cowboy Bundy and his militia friends are all part of a broader culture of Conservative induced disrespect for LAW AND ORDER. This is all tied into their culture of shacking responsibility to the nation that gave them birth!

Just look at some examples below! 

  • We see the AMERICAN FLAG torn down by these advocates of right wing entitlement. Ships are built in America for trade and profit from America. Yet they tear down our flag and hoist the flag of Liberia or Costa Rica so they can shirk their responsibility to pay taxes to the nation that gave them birth.  So when Somali pirates attack these vessels who are they going to call to their aid? The navy of Costa Rica? No the bleeding hearts in the Republican Party seem to believe America should help them.
  • Republicans now attack the American Flag flying in Wisconsin by pushing for an illegal vote of secession in this era of permissiveness! Our flag is attacked in Wisconsin while the forces of permissiveness attack law enforcement officials doing their court ordered job in Nevada!
  • We see people dragged from their homes due to the banksters foreclosing on them yet our dear hero of “hope and change”, Barrack Obama declares he is “turning the page” on the wrongs done by the banks to the economy and Bush with the Iraq War.
  • Yet when these foreclosures take place FoxNews calls the victims “moochers” but makes tax cheat Cliven Bundy a hero!  Yes my friends this is all part of a corporate induced era of permissiveness!
  • Corporations whining that they have to pay to much for American workers! Oh dear “We should just know our place!” But we don’t so corporations off shore with complete abandon. Even transferring our technology to our rival China while the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS sing the “Globalization Internationale“. Then Americans have to compete 3 applicants to every 1 job opening! Wages drop while these effete snobs of privilege call us “moochers“!
  • Fox and friends have fostered a culture of entitlement whereby pensions are becoming an endangered species while corporations hide their assets off shore in the Cayman islands. Yet CEO’s get golden parachutes after they crash our economy! Make no mistake dear reader this is all part of a right wing culture of permissiveness that is maintained by the bleeding hearts at FoxNews and testosterone free Barrack Obama!


Anti-Progressive News Media Biases In Era Of Corporate Permissiveness

Where is the corporate news media? They should be pointing out the differences between the Occupy Wall Street movement’s civil disobedience and the riots by Bundy’s friends in Nevada.

The occupy wall street protesters accepted arrest with only passive resistance. Female students even got pepper sprayed while sitting down.

YET NONE OF THE OCCUPY PROTESTERS LIFTED A GUN AT LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONNEL! Yet FoxNews makes them villains and the Welfare Cowboy who says “he doesn’t believe in the American government” into a hero!

Watch the video below concerning the civil disobeydiance by the Occupy Wall Street protesters and compare it to the militias supporting Welfare Cowboy Bundy.


In the video further below Chris Matthews does an excellent job showing the hypocrisy of the right wing news media concerning Cliven Bundy. One of his guests, John Ralston called Bundy a “welfare cowboy“. Again I think it is time that Progressives start using right wing rhetoric right back at these advocates of permissiveness. Forget about your “karma” and up the rhetoric. Especially by using the same lingo that Republicans use as I am doing in this website.

Notice the contempt these rioters have for the American government that protects them and actually provided them an army to steal this land from the Native Americans who owned it before them.

Thanks to the right wing grievance industry called FoxNews Welfare Cowboys like Cliven Bundy seem to believe they have an “entitlement” to let their cattle be “takers” on our commons! The grange laws were established to preserve the land for all ranchers! That is why most do not back Welfare Cowboy Bundy.

Notice also in the video below their grandiose sense of entitlement! Bundy’s son even says America has surrendered to them. America must respond to this or what will our allies say?

We need LAW AND ORDER in Nevada and for the right wing news media to stop it’s biases in favor of the forces of permissiveness!



America Is A Laughing Stock To Russia If We Cannot Defend Homeland From Moocher Militias

If Welfare Cowboy Cliven Bundy and his milita friends can make the government of the United States stand down then we loose face through out the world. Russia with it’s militias in Ukraine is falling over laughing at us.

We must crack their skulls and restore law and order in Nevada! The forces of permissiveness and their friends in the right wing news media must be stopped.

President Obama you need to take a vacation from your celebration of the testosterone free lifestyle and:

  1. Call on All loyal Americans to support our law enforcement officials in Nevada against Welfare Cowboy Cliven Bundy!
  2. Fly to Nevada and say the “pledge of allegiance” while calling on all loyal Americans to join in and demand an end to this era of licentious permissiveness whereby moocher millionaires like Cliven Bundy shirk their responsibility! Call on FoxNews and the right wing news-media to end their biases in favor of deadbeat moochers with their grandiose sense of entitlement!
  3. Call out the “black helicopters” to patrol the skies over Nevada and support our boys in law enforcement who are going after the moochers like welfare cowboy Cliven Bundy. America will not cut and run from it’s own territory but smash the skulls of those who defy the Federal Government that we elected rather than surrender to militias!
  4. Order the immediate deployment of the 82nd Airborne to Nevada and to invade the Cayman Islands to bring back the moocher “corporate persons” who are having an endless “spring break” from responsibility to the nation that gave them birth, profits and incorporation!

President Obama the time has come to support LAW AND ORDER in Nevada and defend the American flag in Wisconsin from the secessionist Republicans in this era of right wing permissiveness! If America cannot stand up to militias on our own soil how can our allies trust us to honor treaty obligations to defend them?

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