More Evidence Obama Goes Wimpy

In the wake of a Republican take over of the Senate and/or House, President Obama has plans to reduce the deficit. Fine but what about jobs! When the issue is jobs then the deficit has to take a back seat. This is the same nonsense that Herbert Hoover tried to sell the American people while the depression started. Meanwhile the gambling casino called Wall Street continues to undermine the security of the American middle class.

This planned behavior by Obama is indicative of his disastrous  method of dealing with the right wing by placating them.

On a recent Fox News Show the host critiqued Obama for finally becoming active. Saying that the job of the President is not be the “Campaigner in Chief”. No President is in effect the “Pontifex Maximus” of the nation. The President “DEFINES” issues of the era. Since President Obama has in effect resigned this role we have witnessed the Democratic Party fall to pieces as no one has taken on the Tea Party and their endless rant of misinformation. However don’t blame them for having testosterone blame Obama, Reid and Pelosi for being the wimps!

The Reasons Obama Is A Failure To The Progressive Base

Many try to confuse the issue either deliberately or inadvertently.

President Obama is NOT a failure because he could not get a Public Option he is a failure because he did not even try.

Nor did he push for a strong stimulus! Since he resigned his role as “Campaigner in Chief” the very role of a stimulus to fight job losses has lost credibility with the American people who have the attention span of 1.2 x Sarah Palin’s IQ. Not very high!

The much trumpeted Wall Street Reforms lack teeth. Wall Street is  still allowed to gamble with our future! However a small 50 billion back up pool is being set up that these gamblers have to contribute to. Not enough. Why weren’t the banks broken up! More important why didn’t Obama at least try!

That is the real issue not whither he could succeed because if at least tried then the Tea Party could not capture the “Wall Street vs Main Street” issue from the Democrats. That is what really hurts us!

Below Dylan Ratigan tears into the Wall Street casinos. Why hasn’t President Obama?

President Obama instead attacks the Progressive Base! Now he needs us.

Why not go to your friends President Obama at Goldman Sachs? They gave you more money last election than any other candidate! This is not “Change We Can Believe In”!

What is absolutely unbelievable is that because President Obama has abdicated his role as “Pontifex Maximus” or “Campaigner in Chief”, the issues today are being defined by the Republicans and the Tea Party!

  • People actually believe you increase aggregate demand by giving the wealthy a bigger tax break!
  • Democrats are falling over each other to support the Bush Tax Cuts.
  • The Republicans are being perceived as the friends of Main Street!

President Obama does not understand the inherent power of the Presidency to “shape issues” rather than merely “respond to issues”! This is the reason he is a failure not the intransigence of the Republicans which is to be expected.

Now we are told we must support non-progressive Democrats else the corporations will take over! Well why haven’t Obama, Reid and Pelosi pushed for a Constitutional Amendment to ban all corporate money in our elections!

What’s that we don’t have 60 votes in the Senate! Oh I know we just sit back then we will have them “AFTER” the election! –  Right! The issue is not whether we succeed but that we make it an issue! That we DEFINE THE ISSUES rather than allow the Republicans to do so.

There is a way to wage “psychological warfare” against the Republicans and take this nation back from the corporations! Even with a minority in both houses of Congress it can be done. It involves being open with the American people about past corporate campaign gifts and an amnesty to both parties. But Obama, Reid and Pelosi are wimps and it will never happen.

Perhaps Democrats can get a “Testosterone Lesson” from Gays. It seems they may sit this election out since Obama has not been decisive.

This is why Obama must go and be replaced by Howard Dean or Bernie Sanders in 2012!

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