More News Media Biases Against Democrats

It drives me crazy the way the news media can be so pro-conservative yet the Republicans get away with their endless whining that the news media is pro-liberal! Bin Laden has endorsed John McCain for President! Yet you hardly hear about this in the news media!

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Why would they endorse McCain instead of Obama? Well McCain would continue the vast wild eyed Republican Social Engineering Experiment in Iraq that is wasting our troops and money rather than attacking the Al Qaeda homeland in the Pakistani – Afghan border region!

One can also ask why the Democrats are not screaming foul play at the news media! There are two reasons for this:

  1. Negative Ad Failure: The public does not like negative campaigning and Obama is currently way ahead in the polls so why play the “news media card”, better to keep it if the polls change. Frankly I am surprised the public isn’t more gullible! I guess being a wine drinker I have a pessimistic view of the general public!
  2. The Pelosi – John Kerry Syndrome! Just sit back and let the Republicans beat us up! Example: John Kerry just sat back and let Bush’s surrogates smear his military record while President Bush never even completed his required military commitment in the National Guard! Yet no one in the Democratic Party seems to care. Much less that there is a war raging and they allow Bush to play the “Patriot Game” when they could really knock Bush out with his past.

Where the hell is the news media? What ever happened to the “free press” and hard hitting investigative journalism? Why does the news media just sit back when the public would be served with investigations concerning:

  • Osama Bin Laden’s endorsement of John McCain! Why isn’t this plastered all over the news and on Obama ads?
  • Sarah Palin and her association with the Alaskan Independence Party (See prior post). They even have her on their site video addressing their party this year wishing them good luck and complimenting these wild eyed secessionists. Imagine if this had been Obama!
  • Sarah Palin only gives interviews with Senator McCain at her side! My God what is he her daddy protecting her from trick questions such as “What is the Bush Doctrine”?What if McCain dies will Big Brother McCain be there to protect sweet pit bull Sarah Palin from the nasty news media or worse Putin?

Is the news media waiting for Barrack Obama to take the lead in attacking McCain for the above? What happened to investigative hard hitting journalism? Are the members of the news media such wimps that they cannot take on John McCain and his obvious inconsistencies! Perhaps the members of the news media received blood transfusions from John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi! Meow Meow!