MoveOn.Org Needs To Turn The Page On Obama

I am a member of MoveOn.Org and believe in the Progressive Agenda for America. However I strongly disagree with MoveOn.Org in their attempt to support non-progressive Democrats in the fall election. I will not vote to re-elect my Democratic Congressman as he did not support the public option nor the watered down Health Care Reform Law.

The time has come to “turn the page” on President Obama. While I hope the November election will serve as a wake up call to President Obama, I fear he will continue to his never ending quest to self destruct.

MoveOn.Org sent a hilarious video prior to the last election that was personalized to motivate members to vote. The video was a great example of “viral marketing” as you could then personalize it and send it to a friend. This time you have to add your own name and it just fell on cold earth when I viewed it. I refuse to be a liar for Obama! It purported to warn the viewer of the danger of a corporate take over of America!

Really well why haven’t we seen a move to amend the Constitution and strike down the recent Supreme Court decision that opened the floodgates to campaign money raised by corporations taxing their consumers. I guess our wise Democratic Party leadership believes we will have more votes in Congress after the election! You can view the MoveOn.Org  video below.

What MoveOn.Org does not realize is that the corporate take over is well along and many Democrats cooperated with this. Below is a different video I have shown before. I urge you to watch it again. I love this short video and if you are a liberal then you will too!  The speaker made this prior to Obama taking office and sadly made the prediction of the mess we progressives would find ourselves in for trusting the likes of Obama, Reid and Pelosi!

Remember the video below was made while Bush was President but Pelosi was House Speaker. His prediction was 100% right! Watch this video. It is by a real liberal with testosterone, not an Obama moderate.

Lessons From The Vietnam Era

It seems to me that the Democratic Party is going to have to repeat the lessons of the Vietnam Era. Basically in 1968 if you were against the Vietnam War neither the Democrats nor Republicans deserved your vote. Well this year the issue is not the Vietnam War. While there are two wars raging the real issues are the economy and the corporate take over of America. The Democrats have become become defeatists and even took large chunks of corporate money. That is why we never saw a public option.

Why A Republican Take Over Should Not Scare Progressives!

  • Democrats are not acting like Democrats. So if the economy fails let the Republicans take the heat.
  • When John Boehner becomes Speaker of The House he will provide “valuable lessons” to Nancy Pelosi concerning how to advance ones agenda. Nancy Pelosi had two years even before Obama. Did she use the House’s power of the purse strings? No but John Boehner will. He will de-fund the Health Care Reform. Nancy Pelosi could have de-funded the Iraq War while Bush was President.
  • Since the Health Care Reform Law is so weak it will not stop insurance rates from rising. Now the so called free market and the Republicans will take the blame if Boehner defunds the law.
  • The Republicans will launch endless Congressional investigations! They will not “Turn The Page”. EXCELLENT! Just what a wimp like Obama needs to teach him a lesson. If Obama does not learn after one year then we need to dump Obama for Howard Dean or Bernie Sanders in 2012!
  • Republicans will come out of the closet and overtly wage class warfare against the middle class. –  EXCELLENT! Maybe then we can turn the Democratic Party into the “SOCIAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY”!
  • Progressives can then be mobilized, not for Obama but to pursue FDR’s SECOND BILL OF RIGHTS! We need to attack the notion that anyone should be paid millions per year without a cure for cancer or aids. No one deserves that amount of money! They DID NOT EARN IT!
  • The backlash against the Republicans can generate a new SOCIAL CONTRACT for America.
  • We still have Obama as President in 2011 and a normal President can veto any Republican permanent changes. “De-Funding” will only delay change not stop it. Notice I said a “normal” President can stop the Republicans. With Obama, if the Republicans attempt to destroy social security he will try to compromise! You know I am correct! If Obama paid more attention to the base rather than Joe Lieberman and Blanche Lincoln we would not be in the mess we our now.

Turn The Page On Obama Not On Change We Can Believe In

The time has come for a new Social Contract! We must pursue FDR’s Second Bill of Rights. We must not back Democrats who are not militantly progressive! We must be the left’s counter balance to the Tea Party and not blink! As FDR said in the speech above, “men who act from necessity are not free men”! If the free market does not liberate citizens from necessity then it is not  “freedom” for the silent majority but only for those effete snobs of privilege! We must give “freedom” to all our citizens!

Obama may or may not be our leader to achieve this. Pelosi and Reid will be history! –  Thank God! If Obama  remains a wimp then it is we who can turn the page on Obama rather than turning the page on “CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN”! FDR’s Second Bill Of Rights is “Change We Can Believe In”! MoveOn.Org makes a mistake if they link Obama’s fate to our fate!

I urge MoveOn.Org not to be caught up in the personality of Obama. The new Social Contract must become the goal of all Progressives! We must turn the page on Obama, Pelosi and Reid. We must not turn the page on “CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN”! This “Troika Of Impotence” has not served the new social contract with America! God Bless America, God Bless the Silent Majority –  our Middle Class who are this society’s “producers”!

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