It’s Mueller Time: Republicans Need To Stand Up For Country Over Party

I voted for Jill Stein in 2016 after Bernie Sanders lost the Democratic Primary to Hillary Clinton. CNN reported months ago that Jill Stein was at the same dinner table with both Vladimir Putin and Michael Flynn. At that point, my faith in Jill Stein hit the floor. I will not engage in “tribe over the country” as most Republicans are doing today.

Jill Stein is now under investigation in the Russian probe – she deserves to be under investigation along with President Trump.

Appearances do count. WTF is wrong with the leader of the Green Party? Why did she go to that dinner with Putin? Did she want to grab Putin’s ear for some “GREEN SPEAK”? Mauybe she wanted to whisper some “GREEN SPEAK” into Putin’s ear while he took here bare chested on a hourse ride?  Don’t make me laugh something is wrong here.

I don’t care if she was just flattered by the invitation. The fact is she acted stupidly and she deserves to be investigated! The same holds true for the actions of Birther Donny Trump.

“Russia… Russia…. Russia” The Smell Of Vodka Is Everywhere

I am not saying Jill Stein was an “active collaborator” with Putin. She may have simply been “used” by him. The same might be true for Birther Donny Trump.

With Trump, his narcism may have locked him into not backing away from his relationship with Putin. But it could be far worse and that is why we need to investigate and let the chips fall where they may. I will not defend Jill Stein, her actions demand an investigation as does Trump’s actions.

Time For FoxNews To Put Country First Not Tribe

Don’t you find it amazing that FoxNews screams if there is a leak? The FBI has moved two agents off the Mueller probe due to political beliefs of the agents. This happened some time ago but the news of this was LEAKED. Again why is FOXNEWS more concerned with the content of the leak rather than this being a leak?

This time the leaks favor FoxNews’ agenda because it aids Trump. Hence their different response. If it were the other way around they would be screaming about “leaks” being unpatriotic.

Progressives Must Back Mueller in his investigation into how Russia attacked our Democracy.

Oh, it’s springtime and a young man’s thoughts turn to a lovely woman.

Ah yes, it is time for our next election. it is autumn and the leaves are turning while Russian trolls are spitting dirt into our social media to change the election! Is this what we are to accept in America?

Is This “Making America Great Again” when our most cherished institution, “elections” are under attack?

Robert Mueller and his investigation must be allowed to FULLY do their work else we lose our democracy!

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