Nancy Pelosi Talks About Plutocracy

Nancy Pelosi just does not get it! Because of her wimpy behavior in fighting the Republicans our nation is now in the hands of the Economic Royalists that FDR warned us about years ago! Below is a clip of her recent interview on “Countdown With Keith Olbermann “. She talks about nobly defending the Middle Class against the corporatists! Her warning is that if us “whining progressives” don’t go out and support her castrated version of the Democratic Party then the Corporatists will have won! Below Nancy Pelosi speaks to Keith Olbermann (not pictured below).

Surprise Nancy they have already won! Nancy Pelosi helped them along with their fellow members of the “Troika Of Impotence”, Barrack Obama and Harry Reid.

Excuse me Ms. Pelosi but if you and your fellow members of the “CASTRATI BRIGADE” are so concerned by the threat of a corporate takeover of our democracy why haven’t you begun the process for a Constitutional Amendment to reverse the recent Supreme Court decision that allows these effete snobs of privilege the right to take my money from purchases of goods and services and use them to finance political ads for their minions! Every time I buy gas I could be contributing to corporate ads! Every time I pay my health insurance part of that money goes to fund Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats that castrated the Health Care Reform Law into being worthless!

Nancy Pelosi Is Part Of The Plutocracy

According to Pelosi and friends we progressives are whiners for wanting the separation of corporation and state! I am supposed to support the likes of Harry Reid who big Pharma gave their largest contributions in 2008! Then you wonder why we did not get a Public Option. Don’t worry it is only a “starter house” and we will get it once the Democrats have 150 Senators in a Senate of 100.

Why did Democrats support the blocking of Canadian pharmaceutical drugs to Americans at the bidding of their corporate sponsors? Some would call that being a “corporate shrill” but Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barrack Obama instead call that “CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN”! Oh sure I will be out there to vote for wimps like that.

According to the banks we already have a plutocracy. See the video below.

Nancy Pelosi is trying to scare us that a Republican Speaker of the House, John Boehner, will use the power of the purse strings to de-fund the Health Care Law. Kind of makes you wonder why Nancy Pelosi who was House Speaker two years before Obama even took office did not use that same power to de-fund the war! You know the right wing corporate social engineering experiment in Iraq that gave us the unbalanced budget to begin with.

The problem is not simply that John Boehner plays to win. The problem is that Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barrack Obama are WIMPS! Now Republicans will launch attacks and endless investigations when they control the House and/or Senate. You know the types of investigations that Obama, Pelosi and Reid could have done against the Republicans but instead choose to “Turn The Page”! –  WIMPS! Now they wonder why Americans with their 10 second attention span are buying this Tea Party nonsense!

I urge everyone to vote but only for progressives. Be they on the Democratic ticket or on a third party like the Green Party. If none is available then show up and do a write in vote for Michael Moore!

Nothing would make me feel better than to see a 50 –  50 Senate and then have Joe Lieberman switch and vote to organize  the Senate with the Republicans! That is what you deserve Obama for being the wimp that you are and listening to Lieberman when you should have listened to the base that put you in office!

This is not the CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN that I voted for! If you stick with the Castrati Brigade when will you see anything get better.

The banks are paying back the Federal Government by engaging in usury with credit card holders. Where is Charles Schumer? Oh wait he is one of those who is getting campaign money from Wall Street!

These wimps are afraid to remove the Bush Tax Cuts to the rich when we should go further and bring this nation back to the days of Eisenhower who had a 91% Progressive Income Tax! Instead we see these wimps scurrying like rats to keep the Bush Tax Cuts to the rich!


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