We Need Gun Control NOW

President Trump and his pals at the NRA want to delay discussing gun control. The right-wing whines that we are politicizing this event. They whine that this should be a period of prayer. Naturally, if the perpetrator was a Muslim they would have no problem calling for action.

They use the perverse argument that you can never stop the gun violence so why try. A violent person will just use some other modality. I found this in my twitter feed and I believe here is the answer to that argument.



Gun Control: Time For Prayers Are Over

I believe in God. I do pray. But I applaud those Democrats who walked out of the House when Republicans called for a moment of prayer. We did that at each prior massacre and look what it got us?

The next massacre!

Below the wisdom of Twitter – I really like this tweet.


Semi-Automatic Guns – Where Is The Pride Of Marksmanship In The Era Of The Ammo-Sexual?

That’s the problem today in America. They want it all “done for them“. Pull the trigger and they don’t even have to be really accurate in aiming.

Feeling the power WITHOUT the pride of marksmanship. Payout some money as a substitute for hard work. Yes, an age of worsies! The age of the AMMO-SEXUAL in America.

Today we have the rise of the AMMO-SEXUAL.  The Ammo -sexual does not want to take the time to be a marksman.

The ammo-sexual instead bears a grudge against society and thinks the black helicopters from the  U.N. are coming to get him with our own government’s blessing.

The same person who mocks the football player for taking a knee at the national anthem wants to join a militia to overthrow the very government that the national anthem represents. Why not join the army and support that government that the flag represents?

What sport is there in shooting a deer by spraying it with a bunch of bullets? Why not do it the ole fashion way and focus your self-discipline to aim right.

Must be a lack of pride in some of the American males today. We are turning into a nation of wooseys!

In the video below a Southerner who is both a redneck and a legit gun owner explains how gun ownership should be. Again I have NOTHING against legit gun owners and I might even want to be one myself.

But having an arsenal of assault weapons, armor penetrating bullets and gun silencers is not a sport. That is a sickness.


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