New Series: Using Psychological Warfare Against Republicans

Conservatives are waging psychological operations against progressives on a daily basis. We need to fight back. In college I wanted to become a psychologist but was also interested in politics. That was in the late 1960’s and early 70’s. Today I see Republicans waging psychological operations against the legacy of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and corporate Democrats sadly assisting them. But the problem is more than that. Sometimes we liberals are masochistic.

Do you doubt what I just said? Then ask yourself:

Why is it that the term “liberal” has been replaced by the term “progressive“? Why does the term “liberal” carry so much “baggage” in 21st Century America? Hell to be honest I am not a liberal but further to the left. I love the term “Social Democrat”. But that is another story in itself so I will use the terms “liberal” and “progressive” here. 

We liberals face a great challenge in this 21st Century. Make no mistake about it we could see a roll back of liberal values and laws in America. Those of you who read this blog know that I am fed up with Barrack Obama and his celebration of the testosterone free lifestyle when it comes to politics.

I am fed up with Democrats playing “make believe liberal” inside the money infected confines of their corporate donors!

While the above behavior is masochistic there have been other problems in confronting the right wing and they are not the fault of corporations but ourselves in spreading the liberal agenda. Sometimes it involves a new dogmatism.


Let’s Drop Our Masochistic Tendencies


If you are old enough then you remember the Vietnam War. Conservatives “stole” the iconography of the the flag. But they did so because many of the left in desperation and a sense of helplessness burned the American flag. The nightly news would show a flag burning followed by Richard Nixon with the flag on his lapel. Please note most on the left did not endorse this. But the news media made it a choice between flag burning or flag waving. Some liberal politicians however did join the chorus of “wicked evil America”.

Guess which side the middle class chose? That is until Nixon performed his own masochism better known as the Watergate cover up.

Progressives Must Wage Psychological Warfare Against Corporate Collectivism

Nixon used the term “Silent Majority“. And he constantly spoke about the “middle class“. Today we on the left have largely taken this term “middle class’ back from the Republicans. But my younger readers may not be aware of how the loss of a single term really set the movement back.

Frequently I use right wing terminology in a sarcastic manner against Conservatives in this blog. But you might not know the terminology if you are younger. Therefore I will be making this more explicit so you can enjoy my caustic humor and hopefully learn to use the right wing terminology against Republicans and their “fellow travelers” in the corporate wing of the Democratic Party yourselves .

Note the term “fellow travelers” is one of their oft repeated terms.

I also have another website where I use “paradoxical intention” like Steve Colbert. In that website I try to draw Conservatives down a “marketing funnel” till they realize they have been taken for fools. That site is not updated frequently but you can view it here for a laugh:

Save The Corporate Rich! 

We on the left need to use psychological warfare to obtain our objectives because Conservatives are doing a good job against us.

For example Conservatives have injected an equation and syllogism into the American population. It goes like this:

  1. Liberalism = impotency.
  2. Conservatives are “action figures”.
  3. What do you want to be? An impotent liberal or a take charge “action figure”?

The video below makes reference to this. As I shall explain in this series we on the left have sometimes played a willing role in this. In this series I will humbly outline some suggestions you can use and which I hope any liberal politician will use if they should ever stumble on this website.

Take a look at this video I found on YouTube. I listed it before but I invite you to view it as it is both funny and gives an example how Conservatives use psychological warfare against liberals.



I shall be redirecting the focus of this website as a tool and resource for liberals to wage Psychological warfare against not only the Republicans but corporate Democrats.

Some questions I will be raising will be welcomed while others will provoke angst. But I am doing this to advance the Progressive agenda. A short list of topics for future posts include:

  1. How to be a hedonistic warrior for climate change! Let’s dump the masochism.
  2. Stop turning a blind eye to crime.
  3. Original Sin on a secular level. Yes it’s ok to be White and NOT feel guilty but empathetic.
  4. How Obama is undermining “Change We Can Believe In” while being a role model of impotence!
  5. Sometimes school is boring: Tough shit! How we liberals are hurting inner city youths by not being honest as to the solution.
  6. So what’s wrong with class warfare rhetoric in an age when Republicans set people against each other?
  7. How we progressives can play divide and conquer to set the GOP house of cards against itself.
  8. How unions can be more effective instead of being myopic.
  9. Everything you wanted to know about Republican lexicon and how to use it against them.
  10. Americans can be sympathetic but we need to focus on what’s in the progressive agenda for them. We need to develop a “middle class consciousness“.

For purposes of easy access I will be placing these future posts under the category of psychological warfare as well as the relevant topic each focuses on. I will try to make these articles “ever-green” by refreshing them as circumstances change.

So let’s join together and wage psychological warfare in the defense of “individual freedom” against the forces of “corporate collectivism” that would make us work 70 hour weeks merely to exist in the service of our social betters!

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