No Bernie Don’t Go There: Instead Demand Goldman Sachs Speech

I support Bernie Sanders but I think he is wrong when he said Hillary Clinton is not qualified to be President. Senator Linsey Grahm said concerning his Republican party:

“My party has gone batshit crazy”!

Please, Senator Sanders , don’t make the Democratic Party the same as the Republican.

The problem with Hillary Clinton is that SHE IS QUALIFIED to be President but she brings Wall Street values! Hillary Clinton plays “make believe liberal” inside the corporate sandbox of the organized money!.

Above Bernie Sanders ups the rhetoric but along personal grounds. No Bernie instead really up the rhetoric on ISSUES. Demand Hillary Clinto produce her speech transcripts to the banksters! After all, that is why she is criticizing Bernie Sanders. She said he doesn’t know the issues concerning breaking up the banks.

Well, let’s see how Hillary Clinton deals with the issue. Show us your megabuck speech transcripts to the banksters Hillary!

Hillary Clinton And Barrack Obama: Change That Corporations Can Live With!

I have argued that Barrack Obama should have upped the rhetoric years ago.

He is responsible for the rise of Donald Trump because Americans will vote against their own self-interest but NEVER against their self-identity.  Trump I will argue actually does have some good ideas, despite his excesses). One good idea is to impose a TARIFF. Wow now shouldn’t Democrats be calling for that in this age of balancing the budget and restoring American jobs? – MEOW!

Barrack Obama has conducted a marathon celebration of the testosterone free political lifestyle.  You can check my other posts on that as I want to stay focused on the Bernie Sanders remarks.

Americans want ACTION FIGURES, not WIMPS. They want to see something being done! Even if it is just getting the MESSAGE OUT. The few times Barrack Obama acted was to advance TPP which is worse than NAFTA. He even pushed for FAST  TRACK of TPP but let union building CARD CHECK die when we had control of both Houses of Congress. – No not change we can believe in! Oh but he did send a last minute TWEET when the unions needed him in Wisconsin but he backed away. – WIMP!

We need Bernie Sanders to UP THE RHETORIC but only on issues not by attacking as Trump and Cruz are doing to each other. Please Bernie distinguish the ways of upping the rhetoric.




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